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    Welcome to Ms. Maley's webpage! 
    It's Fun Photo Friday!

    Do you have a poem or photo to share out today? If so, add it to our Google Classroom Stream just like Luca did. You can share out something you created, a game you've been playing, or a drawing you've made.

    In the left channel on our class website there are some DIY sites that teach you how to make an animation, a movie trailer and a cartoon. Once you finish a book, you can create one of these to share out next Friday:)

    Ms. Faure has added music content and Seniora Delfini has Spanish activities to share with you so make sure to join her class:) Explore & get inspired.

    Make sure you take the placement assignment on kidsa-z/headsprout. This matches you to instruction & I'll be able to see your progress. Remember to reread before you answer.  

    I hope your week included some new learning.  Did you build a learning routine that works for you and your family? Each new discovery is a success. Reflect on what you've done.  Have you checked our class website and GoogleClassroom daily? Learned how to sign in with zearn.org and kidsa-z? Explored Special Area Teacher sites and the left channel of our classwebsite?   I'm proud of all your new learning and am so glad you're sharing it with me.                                   

    Take Care & Be Well!  XO:) Ms. Maley

    Lunch/Recess 12:24-1:07

    A Day  10:56 PE (Please wear sneakers)

    B Day  2:35 Music 

    C Day  10:56 PE (Please wear sneakers)

    D Day  10:56 Music

    E Day  10:56 PE  (Please wear sneakers)

    F Day  10:13 Art



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