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    David Finch - Lenape Elementary Band Director

    Thank you for visiting my website. Students will be added to a Google Classroom of their instrument by Monday September 14th 2020.


    Below is information regarding the 2020-2021 Lenape Band at this time:

    1.       5th Grade Band will continue to be available to all students and you may still enroll your child by reaching out to me (via email).

    2.       Band Lessons will occur in small groups with live synchronous instruction available. The schedule is yet to be finalized but flexibility is a priority. Children unable to meet live regularly will have access to the same lessons through recorded mini lessons. It is my goal for children to be as fully independent as possible.

    3.       Google Classroom will be our platform and Google Meet will be our live streaming application.

    4.       Instruments from Barcones Music and any school loaned instrument you have reserved with me will be available for pickup on Friday September 11th at your child’s teacher’s designated time and space at Lenape Elementary School.

    5.       If you need an instrument please reach out to me as soon as possible (via email). We have many Lenape School instruments that can be reserved and loaned out for your child to use for at-home playing. If you are unsure, please reach out anyways. Tuba players are given school instruments and they will be ready for pickup on September 11th.

    6.       If you plan on renting or purchasing an instrument, Barcones Music (331-6089, barconesmusic.com) and Paul Effman Music (452-8528, pemusic.com) both have inventory available. Please reach out to rental companies as soon as possible.

    7.       Other materials that are needed include: Sound Innovations book 1 (for your child’s instrument [blue cover]), Reeds – Rico 2.5 strength (Clarinet, Alto Sax), Medium Strength Oboe Reeds (Oboe only), swabs for woodwinds, valve and slide oil for brass players. I also highly recommend a music stand. This can be a simple folding stand.


    I hope this informational email is helpful. As we journey together through this process, open communication will be extremely important. As new information arises, including a more finalized schedule, I will pass that information to you as soon as possible.

    I recognize that synchronous live instruction can never replace the wonderful experience of performing as a group, however I’m very excited to meet all your children and to help deliver the best possible experience through remote instruction. If you have any questions please reach out to me anytime.


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