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    Welcome to New Paltz Middle School Technology
     * Important information *
    Please have your child check their email for googe classroom codes, and reply to them.  All work for the next few week will be completed through google classroom.  If you wish to join the class as a parent please email me. I will also keep all assignements up to date on the calendar on this website.
    Mark Pizzarello Technology Education
    New Paltz Middle School
    196 Main Street
    New Paltz, NY 12561

    Mission Statement

    Technology Education is an integrating discipline that focuses on 21st century
    learning.  It provides students with an opportunity to study the human-made
    world and to develop technological literacy as part of their fundamental
    education. Through design, build, and test activities, students model solutions
    to real world problems and develop an understanding of technology in the past,
    present and future. Technology Education is much more than just knowledge
    about computers and their application. Technology Education engages learners
    in critical thinking as they design and develop products, systems, and environments
    to solve practical problems.
    Daily work can be found in the daily agenda tab
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Last Modified on September 4, 2020