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    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español 2!



     7th Grade Spanish






     8th Grade Spanish




                 Señor Wooly              dueling
                                                                        Codes to get onto site:
          Period 2:                               Period2:  gnuxxt
        Period 3:                               Period 3: phpfzb  
        Period 5:                               Period 5: hqqztv
     Los Numeros


    Subject Pronoun    

    Possessive Adjectives  
    Adjetivos Posesivos
    Present Conjugation Chart
     Conjugation Back
    Questions words
     Accent Marks and Questions
    Present Progressive Tense  
     La Ropa
    Reflexive Verbs  
                              Preterit Verb Endings
     Preterit endings



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