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    In the event of an emergency situation within the New Paltz School District one of the emergency actions listed below will occur. The New York State Homeland Security for Schools document has been used as a guideline. Security, evacuation, sheltering and mental health plans are constantly under review, and mock drills are occurring.

    To maintain safety and security in our buildings please be aware of the following: All building doors are locked with the exception of the main entrance.

    Please remember that during an emergency situation, for student safety, it may not be possible to pick students up until the situation has been resolved. It is understood that any emergency action may be stressful for all involved, however these actions have been deemed the most appropriate by all official safety and security personnel to keep your child safe if an incident should occur. Your cooperation is necessary herein to insure our success.

    New Paltz Central School District Emergency Response Action Codes


    LOCKDOWN “In” or “Out”

    1)       ALL classroom/office door(s) are LOCKED immediately.

    2)       No one is allowed to LEAVE the room/office

    3)     Students in the hallway are gathered into classrooms

    4)     Attendance is taken and reported

    7)       When the "All Clear" is given, resume activities as directed.


    “In” – Students outside move back into the building to designated area(s).

    “Out”- Students outside move to designated area(s) away from building.



    1)   All exterior building doors are locked.

    2)   All students are returned into the building.

    3)   Allow NO unauthorized personnel into the building.

    4)   Classes will continue as scheduled but NO outside activities.



    1)     A cursory check of the area is done for any unusual packages or items.

    2)     All report to assigned areas.

    3)     Attendance is taken.

    4)      Students must stay with class and teacher.

    5)     When the "All Clear" is given, resume activities as directed.


    MEDICAL EMERGENCY "…in room _____"


    2)    Emergency Medical Response Team report to the designated room.

    3)    Bring AED & 1st aid suppplies

    4)    EMS notified as needed