4th Grade Lenape Band Recruitment

    Welcome to the Lenape band Recruitment Homepage. I hope you find the following information useful. Participation is open to all incoming 5th grade students.

    4th Grade Band Letter 2021


    Band Instrument Selection Process:

        Due to continued school covid saftey policies, the band instrument selection process is occuring differently.

    I will be providing your child the opportunity to learn about the band program and listen to the instruments during their in-person music class. This will occur June 1st through June 7th. However, due to continued school safety policies, I will not have the opportunity to meet with them face-to-face and have them try different instruments out; instrument assignments will occur without students trying them. It is important that I take into account 2 aspects of the selection process: your child’s interest and the need for a balanced band. You and your child will select one instrument from each of three categories. I will select one of those three instruments to assign to your child. For your reference, here are the categories:

    Category 1: Clarinet, Trumpet, French Horn

    Category 2: Oboe, Alto Saxophone, Percussion (Bells & Drums), Tuba

    Category 3: Trombone, Baritone (Euphonium), Flute

    Please note that instrument selections are unranked. This is promotes fairness and balance.


    Please use the following links to learn more about the insturments:

    Band Instrument Introductory Lessons

    Dallas Symphony Orchestra

    Instrument Rental/Purchase:

    Once your child is notified of which instrument he/she is assigned, it is important obtain an instrument as soon as possible. The quality of a student's instrument is extremely important to the success of a student's performance. A poor instrument will result in your child feeling frustrated. We recommend several different brands of instruments that can be rented/purchased at area music stores. We do have instruments available for people with financial difficulty or additional reasons. If your child is using a used instrument I recommend that it get serviced at a local instrument repair shop.


    The following are a list of local music stores that offer rentals and sales of instruments. You have no obligation to use any of these stores:

    Barcone's Music (Kingston):(845) 331-6089

    Paul Effman Music (Lagrangeville): (516) 921-4543

    McKeels Music (Newburgh):(845) 562-5566

    D & M Music (Pleasent Valley):(845) 635-1120

    Jacob's Music (Highland): (845) 691-2701



    Lenape Band 5 Program:

    Printable Synopsis: Lenape Band Program

    Instrumental Lessons:

        Instrumental students have one lesson a week in small group sessions with similar instruments. These lessons are rotated each week so students do not miss the same subject weekly. Students are responsible for being on time for their lesson, remembering their lesson and having all materials for their lesson.

    Band Rehearsals:

        Once students have a basic foundation on their instrument, all students will assemble together starting in January. Students will rehearse concert band music to perform in a spring concert.

    Practice Expectations:

        Because true success begins with consistent practice at home, we require students to practice at least 20 minutes a day 5 days a week for the beginning of the year then extend their practice time to 30 minutes a day 5 days a week by the 2nd half of the year. Students will have a practice log and it is to be signed by a parent/Guardian every week. These are responsibilities of the student and requirements of the band program.

Last Modified on May 24, 2021