4th Grade Lenape Band Recruitment (for up-and-coming 4th graders)

    Participation in band is open to all 4th grade students.


    Band Instrument Selection Process:


    I will be providing your child the opportunity to learn about the band program and listen to the instruments during their in-person music class. It is important that I take into account 2 aspects of the selection process: your child’s interest and the need for a balanced band. You and your child will select one instrument from each of three categories. I will select one of those three instruments to assign to your child. For your reference, here are the categories:

    Category 1: Clarinet, Trumpet, French Horn

    Category 2: Oboe, Alto Saxophone, Percussion (Bells & Drums)

    Category 3: Trombone, Baritone (Euphonium), Flute

    Please note that instrument selections are unranked. This promotes fairness and balance.


    Please use the following links to learn more about the instruments:

    Band Instrument Introductory Lessons

    Dallas Symphony Orchestra

    Instrument Rental/Purchase:

    Once your child is notified of which instrument he/she is assigned, it is important obtain an instrument as soon as possible. The quality of a student's instrument is extremely important to the success of a student's performance. A poor instrument will result in your child feeling frustrated. We recommend several different brands of instruments that can be rented/purchased at area music stores. We do have instruments available for people with financial difficulty or additional reasons. If your child is using a used instrument I recommend that it get serviced at a local instrument repair shop.


    The following are a list of local music stores that offer rentals and sales of instruments. You have no obligation to use any of these stores:

    D & M Music (Poughkeepsie) 635-1120 (John Keal Music affiliate) https://dandmmusic.com/


    Paul Effman Music (Lagrangeville) 452-8528, www.pemusic.com


    MeKeel’s Music Shop (Newburgh) 562-5566, www.nemc.com/mekeels-music-shop


    Planet Woodstock Music (Kingston) 336-5599, planetwoodstock.net


    Jacobs Music Center (Highland) 691-2701, jacobsmusiccenter.com


    Alto Music (Middletown) 692-6922, www.altomusic.com



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