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    Homework Help 
    I believe all children need to read and practice what they've learned frequently in order to internalize skills and grow.       

    The goal of our class Daily Home
    work is to:  practice skills, inspire discussion, & increase confidence.
    Fourth Graders still need help setting goals, organizing time, and checking their work. If you have spent a lot of time assisting your child with homework please make a note of this on her/his HW paper.
    Read Everyday
    Students should work to sustain 20 minutes of independent reading for homework.
    Keep track of the pages and the minutes you read on your reading log.
    This information is used for self reflection.
    Most of math homework is review. However, there will be times that I send more challenging work.
    The goal here is perseverance. If the correct answer escapes you, I'd like to see  that you tried something. 
    This builds math skills as well as life skills.
    Writing - Some days we'll write about what we've read or learned.
    Word Study
    Spelling words from memory is only one part of our word study program.
    We analyze patterns, sounds and investigate meanings word parts.
    Here is a list of sight words your child should know how to read and spell with fluency.
    We strive for correct spelling and an understanding of our language. Please ensure that these words are spelled correctly in all HW.
    If you're looking for ways to build skills, practice the following:
    Priority and Core Spelling Words  Priority Words
    Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math facts
    Cursive alphabet
    Editing for punctuation, capitals and spelling
    If you're looking for ways to increase creativity, imagination, and exploration:
    Work like a scientist, observe something and write details about your observations,
    What do you see? hear? taste? smell? feel?
    Look for numbers and ask questions. Measure everything and estimate all around you. 
    Search the grocery store for prices, calculate in your mind. Can you get close to the total? 
    Grow something.
    Play a game again.
    Keep a diary/journal.
    Write a comic book.
    Cut out a cartoon from the newspaper then cut apart the cells. Rearrange them.
    Mix some flour and water. Test the consistency. Use your mixture to build something. Is it a setting, person, place or thing? 
    Browse the many science, engineering, and math websites that are out there for just a few minutes. Then pick  an activity and do it.
    When you develop a wonderful project bring it to class to share. 
Last Modified on September 2, 2015