• Resolution Against High-Stakes Testing

    New York State has adopted an education reform agenda that relies heavily on high stakes testing which, as presently mandated, is not in the best interest of student learning and achievement. On February 20, 2013, the NPCSD Board of Education unanimously adopted a Resolution On High Stakes Testing to express their concern about the educational and financial impacts of these tests. The Board of Education Members, District Administrators, and the New Paltz United Teachers President have also signed a letter in support of the Resolution on High Stakes Testing

    While this resolution is an important first step, the District is bound by law to conduct state tests and we will do so.
    If you are concerned about high stakes testing, we ask that you sign on to our resolution by clicking on the link below.

    Please add your voice by emailing your legislators in Albany HERE.
    (After you complete that email, why not take a moment and click here to participate in Ulster BOCES email campaign protesting cuts in state aid?)
    Thank you!
Last Modified on March 6, 2013