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Lenape Students Explore Habitats


Lenape Elementary School students in Dominique Venturini’s multigrade class flexed their powers of research and technology in a special presentation for their families. Students created multimedia slideshow presentations on Google Slides to vividly illustrate their research projects on habitats. In addition to learning how to make a slideshow, students learned how to credit sources through citations, and paraphrase text from electronic and print sources. They also learned patience from the tedious task of formatting the slides and rehearsed their presentations several times to develop confidence in their public speaking. Since her students are so passionate about animals, Mrs. Venturini suggested they research the habitats where they live. Leo, a hedgehog lover, reported on forests, different trees, and several other animals found in the woods. Jaliah also reported on forests and included a map she colored of all the wooded areas on the planet. Anjulease took her passions to the shorelines, and focused on the world’s oceans, the different types of seaweed and several creatures she loves who are found in the oceans. The students' presentations emphasized protection and conservation for their featured habitat. Parents, teachers, and fellow classmates were highly impressed by the presentations and the new information they learned. Great work, everyone!! #habitatprojects #conservation #hedgehogs #seaturtles #foxes #buildingskills