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Lenape Students Visit New Paltz Recycling Center

Grade 4 students in Erin Bulson and Meredith Oppenheimer’s class from Lenape Elementary enjoyed a fun and informative field trip and tour of the New Paltz Recycling Center. Students were very interested in learning about the repurposed bike station, medical supplies lending closet, and the air-conditioned shed that holds food for local food pantries to feed many families during the year. 


Inside the Reuse Building, the children were able to collect many items that will be useful for their BRIDGES Playground Project. Students contemplated which reusable items would be helpful for building a slide, merry-go-round, basketball court, and/or a sandbox. 


Fun fact: The recycling center creates compost from the food waste products they receive from residents in the area and each year Lenape Elementary receives compost from them for the school garden! Students and teachers have learned so much. Many thanks to the New Paltz Recycling Center for the tour and for doing what they do!