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Grade 3 Students Visit Mohonk Preserve

Tina Harris’s Grade 3 class from Lenape Elementary embarked on an unforgettable trip  to Mohonk Preserve.
Amidst the breathtaking scenery, they delved into a mesmerizing stream study, encountering fascinating creatures that call this ecosystem home!
From graceful water striders gliding across the water's surface to salamanders gracefully navigating their aquatic realm, our students were captivated by the diversity of life in the stream. While the elusive caddisfly larvae remained hidden, students did find a caddisfly shell meticulously crafted from sticks, sand, leaves, and a touch of saliva! 
Witnessing the magical transformation of a mayfly as it emerged into its adult form, left our young explorers in awe, igniting a newfound appreciation for the marvels of nature's life cycle.
The students also had a delightful encounter with a box turtle, who was a charming and sociable ambassador for its species! 
Thank you, Mohonk Preserve, for providing such an enriching experience!