• January 22

    Spelling:  Work on crossword puzzle

    Math:  Review sheet for 10s, 100s

    Reading:  Read at least 20 min (no log)

    **Give parents letter**


    January 21

    Spelling: Word study sheet (plural words) You may use your spelling booklet from last week or words from this morning to help you.

    Reading: ACTIVELY read the article "Doctor Dog". Underline and star important details. Write a summary sentence or two (anywhere on the page).

    Math: Finish the second sheet from today


    January 15

    1.  ELA:  ACTIVELY read "Feeding Hungry People" and use it to complete Day 3 of the reading log.

    2.  Spelling:  complete story pages (3 and 4)

    3.  Math:  Choose 5 more equations from your multiplication packet


    January 13

    1.  Math:  Standard algorithm practice (Side one only)

    2.  ELA:  ACTIVELY read "World of Good".  Use the article to complete your reading log (SUMMARY)  Remember the five finger facts...  (Who, What, Why, When, Where)

    3.  Word Study:  pg. 1


    January 8

    1.  Math:  Area model / Partial Products practice

    2.  ELA:  ACTIVELY read "Abdul Hafiz" and complete the log for "Day 2"

    3.  Spelling:  pages 3 and 4 due tomorrow


    January 7, 2020

    1.  Math:  Area model practice

    2.  ACTIVELY read article "Hometown Hero" and use it to complete Day 1 of reading log

    3.  Spelling booklet, pages 3 and 4 - Due THURSDAY



    January 2, 2020

    1.  Finish the math array booklet.  Complete the last page (practice problems).

    2.  Read (no log).  Use the time to catch up on your group book if needed.

    3.  Bring back new Parent/Teacher conference form.





    December 19

    Reading:  Finish actively reading "Zachary's Menorah" and answer questions.

    Read at least 20 minutes

    Math:  Finding factors sheet

    Pajama Day tomorrow

    Snacks / Traditions share tomorrow


    December 18

    Math:  complete array practice

    Reading:  Finish actively reading "Christmas Shelter"

    Answer questions with FULL SENTENCES and details from the story

    Bring library book to school

    Bring a food or item on Friday that represents a tradition in your family


    December 16

    Math:  Study/review multiplication tables (x2 and x3)

    Finish tower multiplication problems (if not already completed)

    Reading:  Read 20+ minutes (no log tonight)

    Pajama Day is on Friday

    We will have a class fest on Friday.    Students are invited to bring a *nut-free* treat to share with the class.  It could be from a family tradition/food.


    December 5

    Math:  Challenge someone at home to draw as many tallies as they can in 1 minute.  Make sure to explain the instructions for 10 tallies per line.

    Make sure to give your parents the letter for a new conference day/time.


    November 18

    Math:  Practice standard algorithm for subtraction

    Soc. Stud:  Work on Native American project

    Word Study:  Finish the practice page from this morning

    **Remember that your Native American project is due in one week.  Make sure you do not leave it for the last minute. : )


    November 13

    Math:  Practice page using "chunking" strategy (just like what we did in class)

    Soc. Stud.:  Project log, Day 2  What is your plan for your project?  What supplies do you need?  What resources will you need for your research?

    Soc. Stud:  Map activity page:  "Native American Settlements"


    November 12

    Math:  "Close to 1000" practice problem

    Soc. Stud.:  Complete the log for your Native American project

    Reading:  Read at least 20 minutes (no log)

    Writing:  Interview mom/dad about your parent's maiden name (due Thursday)


    November 7

    ELA:  Finish your first name paragraph (if not already done)

    Soc. Stud.:  ACTIVELY read the Native American project choices.  Mark your top 3.

    Math:  Complete the problem and write a full explanation.


    November 6

    ELA:  Read "My Name" essay and answer the questions with details from the text

    Writing:  Dig deeper for your name history.  Where were your parents and grandparents born?  Include the state and/or country.  Use the sheet to record the information.

    There is no math tonight!  

    Tomorrow is our 15 minute early dismissal day as per an earlier memo sent out by the district.


    October 30

    1.  Spelling booklet, pgs. 3 and 4 - finish the story

    2.  Math:  addition practice with standard algorithm.  Front side only

    3.  Read and log Goosebumps (look for descriptive words the way we did in class)

    4.  Tomorrow afternoon is our Halloween party!  You may bring a treat to share.  Costumes should be brought in a bag and should be easy to put on.  


    October 29

    1.  Spelling booklet, pg. 2 (more long e)

    2.  Math:  Practice addition using both partial sums and standard algorithm

    3.  Read and log Goosebumps (visualization)

    4.  We will be working on our name essays this week.  Please be ready with your information.


    October 21

    1.  Spelling booklet, pg. 1 (long e)

    2.  Math:  Part 1 of New York Numbers project

    3.  Read and log (connections continued)

    4.  Our book fair buying day is WEDNESDAY


    October 17

    1.  Spelling booklet, pg 2

    2.  Read and log

    3.  Math:  Study for unit test.  Use the materials in your blue folder and our practice booklet from today to help you study.

    The papers in your blue folder should then be left at home.

    4.  We have library tomorrow.  Remember to bring your books to school.


    October 16

    1. Read and log (connections - Follow the instructions and the model response.)

    2. Math:  rounding practice

    3.  Spelling booklet, page 1 (short e)

    4.  Place Value Unit Assessment is on Friday.  It includes:  place, value, word form, expanded form, comparing, ordering, rounding)

    5.  Book orders due Thursday


    October 10

    1.  Math:  Rounding Review.  Use the open numberline strategy.

    2.  Spelling:  pages 5 and 6 of booklet

    3.  ELA:  Read at least 20 minutes (no log this week)

    4.  Social Studies:  map page (northeast)


    October 7

    1. Math:  Mountain graph sheet

    2.  Spelling:  page of 1 booklet

    3.  ELA:  Read 20 or more minutes (no log)

    4.  Finish your final copy of "Three About Me"

    5.  Finish you "Birthday Number" activity in your math notebook

    Our Mohonk trip is tomorrow!  Remember to bring a bagged lunch and water bottle.

    It is highly recommended that you wear long pants with long socks to help guard against ticks.