Welcome to FRENCH 2 at New Paltz High School

    BLOCK: 2/A                                                                                   Location:  Room 174

    Instructor:  Renee Salamone                   Email:  rschaefer@newpaltz.k12.ny.us

    Voicemail:  845.246.4175 ext. 69543

    After school availability: Daily in Rm. 174 from 2:20pm to 2:45pm & by appt.

    Course Outline

    The curriculum for this course is consistent with the New York State Syllabus:

    Modern Languages for Communication: Checkpoint A

    The main objective of this course is the introduction and development of the four essential skills of language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

    Speaking: Question/Answer activities, prepared presentations, unrehearsed situations, pair/group work, dialogues/monologues

    Listening: Authentic audio and video segments, conversations, student presentations, classroom directions and explanations, passages for comprehension, current online news reports, online activities

    Reading: Authentic materials (ads, schedules, articles, menus, cultural realia) short paragraphs, letters, excerpts from literary works, poems, short stories, readings from textbook and online sources

    Writing: Letters, paragraphs, homework, class activities, online resources

    Culture: Music, film clips, news, geography, literature, art

    Particular emphasis is given to the topics of: 

    • Personal Identification/Greetings
    • Activities/Free Time
    • Meals/Food/Drink
    • Leisure/Shopping/Entertainment
    • Topics not specifically taught this year are included in discussions, review material, listening comprehension and reading comprehension exercises. Textbook: Discovering French BLANC, Nouveau! McDougal Littell. Workbook: Deuxième Livre , workbook and online resource: www.classzone.com


    To develop an appreciation and understanding of French language and culture and develop a global awareness, expanding knowledge of other cultures.

    To continue to improve skills in the following functions: Socializing, Providing and Obtaining Information, Expressing Feelings and Persuasion.

    To further develop the four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing with the major objective of communicating in French.

    To prepare for successful completion of French Level 1


    • Unit Tests: (comprehensive) announced in advanced
    • Exams
      • Mid-Term Exam: (Cumulative) 20% of 2nd Quarter Average
      • Final Exam:  20% of Final Average
    • Quizzes: frequent, some may be unannounced
    • Class Participation
    • spontaneous speech in French during class
    • asking and answering questions in French
    • attentiveness, being on task and contributing to class
    • preparedness for class
    • Oral Presentations: ~20-50 points : Includes dialogues, monologues, memorization, rehearsed and unrehearsed situations, pair or group creations/activities/presentations
    • Homework: DAILY: 5 points per day due ON TIME (completed by the beginning of class) LATE assignments receive half credit if submitted late (the next class).
    • Projects: ~50-100 points
    • Recommendations:
    • ***ALL homework assignments must be completed to be successful in this course. French/English Pocket Dictionary recommended
    • "501 French Verbs" (NOT required, but a great resource!)
    • classzone.com, other online cultural & review sites
Last Modified on September 24, 2018