¡Bienvenidos a Español 3!


    Sra. Salamone                                                                                                                     Room 174

    Email: rschaefer@newpaltz.k12.ny.us                                        Voice Mail: 256-4000 ext. 69543


    COURSE OUTLINE         

    The curriculum for this course is consistent with the New York State Syllabus:

    Modern Languages for Communication: Checkpoint B

    In this course, the development of the four essential skills of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing, continues to be the major objective. Speaking:

    Question/Answer activities Prepared presentations Unrehearsed situations Pair/Group work Dialogues/Monologues Listening:

    Authentic audio and video segments Conversations Student presentations Classroom directions and explanations Passages for comprehension French Videos Clips/Current Online News Reports Online activities Reading: Authentic materials (ads, schedules, articles, cultural realia) Short paragraphs, letters, excerpts from literary works, poems, short stories Readings from textbook and online sources The novel Un autre été, Huguette Zahler Writing: Letters, essays, paragraphs, homework, class activities, online resources Particular emphasis is given to the topics of:

    • Personal Identification
    • Travel (Transportation, Lodging, Camping)
    • Shopping
    • Community and Neighborhood
    • Physical Environment
    • Health and Welfare
    • Earning a Living
    • Culture

    Topics not specifically taught this year are included in discussions, review material, listening comprehension and reading comprehension exercises.


    This course will culminate with Checkpoint B level exam.

                The textbook covers 8 units:

    1. Memorable outdoor experiences and competitions.
    2. Health and nutrition.
    3. Relationships with friends and family.
    4. Jobs and volunteer work.
    5. Careers, professions, and technology.
    6. Interactions between different cultures.
    7. Rights and responsibilities at home and in school.


    To develop an appreciation and understanding of Spanish language and culture and develop a global awareness, expanding knowledge of other cultures.

    To continue to improve skills in the following functions: Socializing, Providing and Obtaining Information, Expressing Feelings and Persuasion.

    To further develop the four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing with the major objective of communicating in Spanish.

    To prepare for successful completion of Spanish 3.



    Be on time

    Have all materials (workbook, notebook, pen, paper, notes, homework)

    Submit all assignments ON TIME!!!!

    Be on task

    Be respectful and responsible to yourself, others and property

    1st & 4th  Block classes: Be quiet and pay attention to announcements.

    All school rules apply concerning food/drink, wearing hats and use of cell phones                         



    Meet with me immediately after a class absence to make up all work.




    Students will earn MANY points towards the determination of a quarter grade every ten weeks.

    A variety of assignments will be required.


    Exams                                    - Mid-Term Exam (Cumulative) - 20% of 2nd Quarter Ave.

                                                 - Final Regents Exam - 20% of Final Average


    Quizzes                                  - on current material, notes, homework, vocabulary                                                                               - may be unannounced


    Class Participation               - being on time, on task and contributing to class  

                                                    - having all materials for class

    - spontaneous speech during class in Spanish

                                                    - asking and answering questions in Spanish


    Oral Presentations                - include monologues, dialogues, and/or pair or group creation


    Homework                             - almost DAILY -     5 points per day  - due ON TIME

    - late assignments receive half credit



    TEACHER AVAILABILITY                 

    - I am available from 2:20-2:45 in Room 174




    1. Prentice Hall Spanish Grammar Study Guide Levels 3 & 4
    2. A Spanish/English Dictionary or wordreference.com or www.reverso.net
    3. Barron’s “501 Spanish Verbs”. This book contains 501 common verbs conjugated in all tenses with explanations and self tests.  It is extremely useful.
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