• As of Wednesday 4/8/2020

    Directions for doing work:

    1. open google classroom
    2. click on subject
    3. click on the date of posted assignement
    4. READ the assignment carefully
    5. To write an answer
      1. copy (highlight then ctrl + c buttons) what the assignment is
      2. click on the add/create button
      3. a drop down menu >>>> click on docs
      4. type your name, date , and subject at the top
      5. paste (ctrl + v buttons) the assignment
      6. write your answer or response
      7. when complete, click turn in (2 times)
    6. IF I return the work to you
      1. make corrections
      2. HIT resubmit (2 times)
    7. Document attached or Video link
      1. Please open and read or watch
      2. tell me if you can't watch or see a video


    Wednesday 4/15/2020

    • videos have been posted successfully in a different attachment
    • remember to open a google doc, type in your response or answer, then click on "turn in"
    • please look at assignments that you have turned in to read the comments
Last Modified on April 15, 2020