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    "For as long as schools are closed, we're open. Starting today,


    kids everywhere can instantly stream an incredible collection of


    stories, including titles across six different languages, that will


    help them continue dreaming, learning, and just being kids."


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    https://www.brainpop.com/  NPMS Teachers: Please give students the ID and
    password. Students should not click on the "Get Free Access" link. 
    Content addressing curriculum across subject areas and grade levels via short animation.
    CastleLearning  user ID and password given by teacher 

    Creative Commons - search for images with awareness as to who created them and how they can be used
    culturegrams CultureGrams    Countries of the World in two versions, Canadian provinces, and each of the United States.  Contemporary statistics and information from family life to energy production.  NEW Infographic feature for universal literacy comprehension.
    Discovery Education    If you wish to Create a new account, go here:

    Ecology & Life Science Spotlight from Rosen


                                     News, current events, curriculum topics explained in video and rap. Printable handouts, activities to revisit content for understanding. Trial basis.
    Gale Group - NOVEL     several databases to meet your topic of interest. Environmental Studies and Policy, NYS Newspapers, Opposing Viewpoints, many more.  Kids InfoBits also found here.
    HVRH   Hudson River Valley Heritage. Digital collections from libraries and cultural heritage institutions that document the rich history of the Hudson River Valley. Primary source material brings history to life!
    Removing this source at this time: getepic. Contact Stella Mouyios with questions.
    Another great resource is the Junior Library Guild:
    "*With free, unlimited access, some functionality (like highlighting pages,
    bookmarking, reviewing usage, etc.) may not be available."
    Kids InfoBits    Quality results on subject searching from magazines, newspapers,
    and books.
    Learn360: "Teachers, students, and parents can access more than 164,000 media resources on any Internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere, and engaging content landing pages make it easy to find the wealth of videos, interactives, printables, audio content, and maps and flags. The entire site and all landing pages can be filtered by grade level (all grades, elementary, or middle/high) for targeted browsing."
    NEWSELA (news-ella)  - Current events covering all subjects.  Informational text accessible to all readers. Can be used to assign articles to class rosters. 
         Each Civilization is covered in  6 separate e-volumes on Culture, Daily Life, Economy, Technology, Government, Geography
    Rosen Spotlight on NEW YORK State  13 interactive, digital books from Early Peoples to the Erie Canal


    Try the Sora site for ebooks and audiobooks! Sora remembers the last page that you read so it will "jump" to that page the next time you continue reading that great book!
    TEACHING BOOKS.net   Great connections to resources about books and authors. Book excerpts, interviews, audio, video, print.  
    Innovation in the highest regard on a variety of subjects, brought to you by people of all ages from all over the world.

    Transform your text into word clouds! Click here or go to



    Includes 4 separate sets: 
    World Book Kids in NEW, vivid presentation with Listening option.
    World Book Students updated features to save and print.
    Early Peoples (Ancient Cultures) 
    Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos - allows toggling between the Spanish and English entries.
         Provides good basic understanding on many topics; hyperlinks throughout articles for more depth; images; current events.

    Using and Citing images from online sources.  
    When you use any image in a report, presentation, or project and a Works Cited page is required, you are required to cite the source of the image(s) you use. Finding images is a first step; finding out how the image can be used is next. There are options for image searching that ensure the creator/author/artist or publisher is appropriately given credit for use, and that the permission to use is authorized. Copying a url (Internet address) is not a valid citation standing alone.
    Here are some websites that offer images for use and also state what the user's responsibility is:
    Wikimedia Commons   -  creators share their work and state user responsibility for attribution.
    Useful tools in Google Images to find what can be used with appropriate permission (attribution). Listen to and/or ask for, directions.
    Have a URL you need to include in a document somewhere but it is way too long and takes up too much space?  Highlight and copy the URL and insert it into the tiny url field and get a shortened version of the web address.
    Electronic/Digital Resources
    Use at home as well as school.  Accessible from any internet connected computer, such as at the public library.
    User IDs and Passwords are often needed outside of school use.  

    What do you know about the Lenape (len-AH-pay) people? Click here for great links to very interesting information brought to you by Mr. Chervenak!

    Every reasonable attempt has been made to ensure that the links on this page are educationally sound.





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