•  Citing sources is easier than you might think, and more important than you may realize.
          In the information-loaded world in which we live, knowing where your information comes from is essential.  Anyone can publish on the Internet, but when it comes to checking the authority of the person you are trusting to help you present a topic, you need to ask some questions about their qualifications to speak on the subject.
          When you cite a source in a Bibliography or a Works Cited page, you are saying that you can prove where you got your information and why you trust it.
          Most, if not all, of the electronic resources included on the Middle School Library webpage entitled, Electronic/Digital Resources, provide you with the citation at the end of an entry, or in the "citation tools" link.  This is an appropriate use of "copy and paste"!
    MLA 8 - some changes from MLA 7: several  optional elements are on the reverse side of our printed MLA 8 copies, see below.  These are required at the discretion of the teacher.
    Click here to view, and/or print a double-sided copy of MLA 8 citation formats, along with the optional elements required at the discretion of the teacher.




Last Modified on October 3, 2019