• Speech and Language Programs

    Speech Remediation Service (RTI)
    At the elementary levels, students receive speech improvement services to help remediate mild to moderate articulation difficulties.  Students will typically receive articulation improvement services one time in a six day cycle for thirty minutes in a group up to five students.
    If your child presents with errors in their articulation, contact the speech and language teacher in the school that your child attends.
    Individualized Education Plan
    If a student is found eligible for Special Education services according to one of the fourteen classification areas, they may receive speech and language services as part of their Individualized Education Plan. Speech and Language Therapy is considered to be a related service. 
    Students can receive services one time to daily in a six day cycle, individually or in a group according to their individual needs.  A progress report will be provided to the parent or guardian, on the same schedule as report cards, informing them of specific progress related to the goals outlined on the child's individualized education plan.
Last Modified on October 10, 2023