• Phonological Awareness
    Phonological Awareness looks at child's knowledge of the sound structure of language and their ability to manipulate sound.  The ability to put words into syllables, rhyme, and sort initial and final sounds are phonological awareness skills that are less complex.  The more complex phonological awareness skills are to be able to segment initial and final sounds, blend sounds into words, segment words into sounds (a foundation critical to early literacy success), and delete and manipulate phonemes.  Children who have been identified as having difficulties with these skills can benefit from the following:
    • Model the skills they are learning to be successful
    • Guide the child through the skill they are learning and break it into smaller steps
    • Provide cues and prompts to help assist the child to focus on the important aspects of what they are learning (listen to the sounds in the word, watch what my mouth does at the end of the word)
    • Repeat the instructions of what is expected of them
    • Play rhyming games and read rhyming stories
    • Provide emotional support
    • Encourage the child to try their best   
    Programs the District has that can help?
    Multisensory reading Program
    Remedial Reading
    Reading Recovery
    https://www.quia.com/shared/speech_therapy/ If you do not have adobe, you can access the activities using the html link. Also you can search for individual activities using the subcategory tab.
    When you open the above websites, type "Phonological Awareness". This will allow you and your child to work on this targeted skill. Please email me, ccramer@newpaltz.k12.ny.us, if you have any questions.
Last Modified on September 15, 2021