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Middle School Students Transform into Wizards and Monsters After School With the Toss of the Dice

The New Paltz Middle School halls have been abuzz with rumors of unusual paranormal activity occurring in Room 24. It is said that the sound of casting dice can be heard clattering on desks, signifying that fighters, magic users, thieves, dwarfs, elves, and halflings inhabit the classroom, exploring fantasy worlds together. Rumors? Or, the iconic role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)? Grade 6 teacher Laura Bryant said more than two dozen students between Grades 6 through 8 with varied D&D experience turn up every Wednesday after school to the D&D Club to don alternate personalities, eat snacks, form friendships, and roll seven multi-faceted dice to determine their next move. Players form an adventuring party and embark on epic quests to level up with experience. The Dungeon Master (also known as the DM) is the game's referee and storyteller. “It’s fun to be the guy behind the scenes,” commented one DM. “I like controlling the world.”
There's no winning or losing in D&D—at least, not in the conventional way. The students say they enjoy pretending to be someone else when playing D&D. “You can do things you can’t get away with in real life,” said one student, adding there are no consequences. Students create a themed “campaign” to pursue for the school year, but Mrs. Bryant added that students can join anytime. For more information, email Mrs. Bryant at