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Middle School Students Illustrate #Herstory

Middle School Grade 8 teacher Jenn Hicks tasked her Social Studies class with creating “Herstory” projects in honor of Women’s History Month last month. After learning about women’s suffrage and other events during the Progressive Age, students were asked to work in groups and choose a challenge that women faced in the era, then profile a woman from history who surmounted that challenge by telling “Herstory,” and create a symbol that conveyed her struggle. One group chose author Maya Angelou, explaining how they learned that profound childhood trauma prevented her from speaking for the first six years of her life. They chose to use the image of an increasing volume button to represent her voice getting louder and louder. Another group chose Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. “People have stereotypes sometimes just about who should do what and it’s good to beat the stereotype sometimes,” said Cadence. 


“Ella Baker’s challenge was against hate and persecution for standing up,” said Zachary of his group’s choice to profile the Black human and civil rights leader. “Anything she wanted to do was harder. People did not want her to do anything and verbally showed their contempt.” Of environmental author Rachel Carson, Julius said, “Nobody expected anything out of a woman back then and she proved them wrong.” Sounds like these students get it! Way to go! 

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