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Heads Up at the Middle School

Grades 7 and 8 Middle School students in Jessica Perugino’s Math class locked noggins during a spirited match of “Heads Up.” During this educational game, students held a card on their head and had to guess the word written on the card based on clues given by their teammates. Team Sloths faced off against the Dolphins, guessing math-related vocabulary words like “quotient,” “x-axis,” and “cofactor.” Students struggled against their excitement and the timer to offer clues to help their teammates correctly guess the word on their card. Clues ranged from “It’s a dot!” to “Hexagon-shaped!” to “Another word for turning up the music!” Students laughed and learned and aren’t likely to forget the words’ definitions now, as they have been written on their foreheads. A clever lesson that adds up to a good time!