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Author Susan B. Wile Visits NPMS

Middle School students from Reflections, Book Club, and Climate Club were treated to an afterschool visit from local author and environmental activist Susan B. Wile last week. Wile is the author of “Extinction Warrior,” a thrilling adventure set in the future that follows a dedicated trio of young heroes as they fight to save endangered animals from the effects of climate change. 
In preparation for her visit, students collaborated to develop thoughtful questions for the author. The event was a lively and thought-provoking discussion where all students were able to contribute. Two topics in particular that resonated with the students were climate activism and what young people can do to help the planet. 
Refreshments followed, including a special snack brought by Wile herself—crickets! Did you know that crickets are the most environmentally sustainable snack? The students were brave enough to give it a try, along with the event hosts, teachers Randi Rosen and Bryan Krebs and librarian Emily Perez. 
A big thank you to Susan B. Wile for visiting with our students.