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Five Middle School Musicians Attend All-County Jazz Band

Bravi to these five amazing musicians from the Middle School who recently participated in the All-County Jazz Band held at Highland High School!
These students had only two weeks to prepare for the audition, and, after being accepted to the festival, had just two more weeks to prepare the concert music. Our students don't have a Middle School jazz band to participate in, but they took the time to meet with Band Director Sonja Nosovsky and their guest conductor to embody the different styles of each song they prepared. These students truly stepped up to the plate and showed what incredible musicians we have here in New Paltz!
Pictured from left to right:
Jude Herman (Grade 9, Guitar)
Théo Salamone (Grade 8, Trumpet)
Sawyer Ivchenko (Grade 8, Trumpet)
Stella Zigouras (Grade 8, Trumpet)
Gerald Peyser (Grade 7, Trumpet)