About Our Community

  • New Paltz, New York is located about 80 miles north of New York City and is part of the Catskill Mountains known as the "Shawangunks".  Bordered to the east by the Hudson River, we are in the apple-growing region of the historic Mid-Hudson Valley.

The Village and Town of New Paltz

  • New Paltz began as an almost 40,000 acre settlement, after being sold by the Esopus Indians to a group of twelve Huguenots in 1677. Today, Huguenot Street, the originial home of the twelve settling Huguenot families, is a historic site. It is located on the west side of town on the Wallkill River.

    Huguenot Street has been designated a national landmark and tours are conducted regularly. The houses date from 1705 to 1890 and are open to the public for tours. Included in the tours are 6 stone houses, a French Church and burying ground, a library, a museum, gift shop and picnic grounds.

    The Town of New Paltz surrounds the Village. The town government is headed by the Supervisor and a Town Council. It is a separate government from the Village.

    VILLAGE OF NEW PALTZ                                       

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