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     NYSSMA Solo Festival  


     What is NYSSMA?

          The New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Solo Festival provides students with a personal musical performance opportunity by holding an adjudicated solo festival. You prepare and perform a solo of your choice from the NYSSMA manual along with scales and sight reading. Professional judges assess your playing and give you performance suggestions.


      NYSSMA Solo Festival is open to any student in the NPMS Band Program who plays a band instrument or studies privately on piano. 

      Still have more questions? Check out the NYSSMA website. 
    Why play a solo?

    NYSSMA Solo Festival is a great opportunity for students to get personal feedback from a professional musician, who specializes in their instrument’s family (brass, woodwind, percussion and strings). 

      This solo festival can be used to:

    -Provide any willing student an opportunity to pick an appropriate level solo that they love to learn and push themselves.

    - Give students who are more advanced an opportunity to push themselves musically with a difficult solo. This is especially great for 6th grade students who may wish to try out for Jr High All-County Band the following year, as the solo doubles in difficulty. It is also a great opportunity for 8th grade students who are ready to play level 5 and 6 music to apply for Senior High All-County Band the following year.

    -Provide students who did not like the competitive nature of All-County an opportunity to get feedback about what they are doing great at already and what they can do push themselves to be even better.


    2021 NYSSMA Virtual Solo Festival             

       NPMS will be participating at the Spring NYSSMA Virtual Solo Liberty CSD. Since the festival will be virtual, students will be required to submit video recordings of themselves playing their solo and scales through a digital platform. Once students are registereted through Mrs. Nosovsky, you will receive more information on how to create an account to submit your work.


      You must complete the Google Form emailed (2021 NYSSMA Virtual Solo Festival) for Mrs. Nosovsky to register you and send your payment in by Friday, February  26, 2021.


    Google Form completed and checks are due back by: Friday, February 26, 2021.

    •          Please make sure all checks are made out to 'New Paltz Middle School', as we MUST send one payment.

     Solo level and titles must be to Mrs. Nosovsky by March 12, 2021. You should have one original copy of your solo by then as well. Mrs. Nosovsky can help you check out solos from the NPMS Library or you may beed to purchase your solo from JW Pepper, Barcone's Music or Sheet Music Plus.

     You must demonstrate your ability to play through the majority of your solo to Mrs. Nosovsky by Friday, March 12 along with your scales. This check-in will provide students one month to improve on any weak areas in the solo or be able to unregister and receive payment back.