2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR


    Duzine Elementary School is a child-centered community whose mission is to:

    • Create a safe, nurturing, and inviting environment in which all are comfortable taking risks.

    • Instill a respect and appreciation for individual differences and similarities.

    • Provide challenging opportunities wherein students can reach their greatest potential.

    • Teach and model cooperation within the school community.

    • Empower our students to be actively involved in their learning.


    This student and family guide is intended to provide important information regarding the day-to-day procedures expectations for both students and families at Duzine. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. Together we can create a more positive and enriching environment for learning. We invite you to reach out by calling the main office - 845-256-4350 - or by emailing Principal Hogan at rhogan@newpaltz.k12.ny.us.


    Situations may arise from time to time which may cause concern on the part of a parent/guardian. In most cases, these are the result of misunderstandings and can be resolved through an open discussion involving the relevant parties. If such occasions arise, we recommend the following procedures:

    • If the concern involves a teacher or a situation in the classroom, please first reach out to the teacher via email or by calling the school.

    • If no teacher is involved, or if you have already reached out to the teacher and you feel that further attention to the matter is needed, please reach out to Principal Ross Hogan or Elementary Assistant Principal Llajaira Dessereau.



    Our "Lost and Found" collects a variety of items, including lunch boxes, clothing items, water bottles, etc. Students or caregivers may claim "lost and found" items in the cafeteria. If you would like to take a look at our lost and found, we ask that you visit Duzine to do so between 9:05am-10:45am or after 2:15pm, so as not to interfere with lunch. Typically at the end of the school year, items that remain are donated to charity. 

    Please label everything your child brings to school to ensure that nothing is lost.


    The following information is excerpted from NPCSD Board of Education Policy #3510:

    The Superintendent may close the district schools or dismiss students early when hazardous weather or other emergencies threatens their health and safety, or that of personnel.  The Superintendent may delegate this authority to another staff member in the event of his/her absence. 

    Schools will not be closed merely to avoid inconvenience.  While it may be prudent, under certain circumstances, to excuse all students early, the Superintendent has the responsibility to ensure that administrative, supervisory, and operational activity is continued to the extent possible.  Therefore, if conditions affect only a single school, only that school shall be closed.

    In making the decision to close schools, the Superintendent will consider many factors, including the following which relate to the safety and health of children:

    a.         weather conditions, both existing and predicted;

    b.         driving, traffic, and parking conditions affecting public and private transportation facilities;

    c.         actual occurrence or imminent possibility of any emergency condition that would make the operation of schools difficult or dangerous; and

    d.         inability of teaching personnel to report for duty, which might result in inadequate supervision of students.

    The Superintendent will weigh these factors and take action to close the schools only after consultation with traffic and weather authorities, Building Principals, and school officials from neighboring districts.

     The Superintendent of Schools shall develop procedures to assure the safety of district students in the event of an emergency school(s) closing.  Such procedures shall include notification of bus drivers and radio stations, order of dismissal, emergency dismissal procedure forms, single school closing, emergency accommodations, clearance for returning to schools, cancellations and delayed openings.

    The Student Handbook provided annually prior to the opening of school shall contain a copy of the Emergency School Closing Policy, and the Emergency Dismissal Procedure Parental Request Form.  It is the parents' responsibility to return their form within the first two (2) weeks of school.

    Adoption date: January 16, 2002


    There is a strong, positive relationship between regular attendance and success in school. We ask that you make every effort to ensure that your child arrives at school on time and attends school consistently. 

    If your child will be out of school for any reason, please call the school the first day the child is out and send in a note upon the child's return.  The note should indicate the following: parent's/guardian's name; child's name; teacher's name, date and reason for absence.

    If your child arrives late (after 9:40 a.m.) or leaves early (before 3:25 p.m.) this time will accrue throughout the year and when it equals a school day your child will be marked absent for one day.

    New York State Education Law requires every child age six (6) through sixteen (16) to be in attendance at school.  The law permits absence from school for the following reasons:

                 1.  Personal illness

                 2.  Death in the family or serious family illness

                3.  Medical appointments that cannot be made at other times

                 4.  Religious observance

                 5.  Bad weather conditions when school is officially closed

                 6.  Requirement to be in court



    The bus driver is in charge of the bus and is held responsible for the safety of the children enroute and while they are crossing the roads. To ensure the safety of the children on board, it is very important that students follow the bus safety rules outlined below.  We urge you to review these rules with your child in order to ensure a comfortable and safe ride for all.

    Should your child exhibit inappropriate behavior on the bus, the bus driver may fill out a Bus Conduct Report. This report is sent to the school administration who in turn will meet with your child to discuss the incident.


    1.      No child may attempt to enter or leave the bus while it is in motion.

    2.      If children live on the side of the road opposite that on which the bus stops, they                                                must remain there until the bus stops and the bus driver directs them to cross.  Children  should cross 10 feet in front of the bus.

    3.      Children are to remain in their seats while the bus is in motion.

    4.      Loud talking or yelling is prohibited.

    5.      Children may not eat on the bus.

    6.      Fighting, pushing, shoving or wrestling is prohibited.

    7.      Glass jars or containers may not be carried on the bus.

    8.      No live animals may be transported on the bus.

    9.      No large instruments or projects.

    10.    Nothing may be thrown about on the bus or thrown out of the windows.

    11.    Teasing or name calling is prohibited.

    Your cooperation and support in helping your child review the proper conduct for the bus is greatly appreciated.


    Young children often have trouble remembering the "when & where" of things. We cannot honor a child's request unless there is a signed note from the parent/guardian. A note is also required if you wish to have your child remain at school and be picked up by you. 


    Parent/guardian drop-offs may begin at 9:05am at the drop-off circle. Students arriving at school before the start of the school day will be directed to wait in the cafeteria or gym until 9:25am, when they will be released to class. The drop-off circle entrance will be shut down at 9:35am. After that time, all drop-offs should be signed in at that main entrance.

    Buses typically arrive at Duzine between 9:10am-9:25am. All students will be released from their buses at 9:25am. Students who are getting breakfast will be directed to the cafeteria. All other students should go directly to their classroom.


    Beginning at 3:25pm, students who are being picked up will report to the gym. Parents/guardians who are picking their children up should park their car in the parking lot, away from the bus traffic area. Parents/guardians should proceed to the gym door, sign their child(ren) out, and wait for their children to be brought out by a Duzine staff member. 

    Students taking the bus are walked out to the buses by their classroom teacher(s) at 3:25pm. 

    Children will go home on their regular bus unless a written notice is received from the parent/guardian. If your child is usually picked up but is supposed to take the bus on a particular day, please send a note as well.




    Duzine School has a full-time, professional, registered nurse on site. Our School Nurse works with all school personnel to provide a program that promotes, protects, maintains and improves the health of all pupils.  Along with representatives of the school staff and appropriate community agencies, she has a major role in planning a comprehensive health service program to carry out the school's responsibility in meeting the health needs of pupils. She serves as a health consultant to administrators, teachers, and other staff members in regard to all matters affecting the health of pupils and school personnel.

    The duties of the School Nurse include:

    -      taking care of such emergencies as illnesses, injuries, and torn clothing.

    -      administering annual sight and hearing tests.

    -       attending to regular cases requiring regular medication.

    -       informing teachers of pupils with chronic ailments.

    -       counseling the pupils in personal hygiene.

    -       assisting the school physician in conducting physical examinations.

    -       keeping all student health records up-to-date.


    When your child’s physician feels that medication is necessary during the school day, you are asked to follow certain procedures as mandated by the New York State Education Department.  School nurses cannot administer any medication to students (including over-the-counter medication) without a written order from a physician and the parent/guardian.  Therefore, you are requested to follow the procedures below:

    1.  At the beginning of each school year, provide a new, completed New Paltz Central School Medication Form for each medication required.  This form can be found in the packet sent home to families on the first day of school, or it can be accessed by contacting our main office. Part I of this form needs to be signed by both the parent/guardian and the licensed health care practitioner.

    2.  During the school year, provide a new, completed New Paltz Central School Medication Form for each new medication or change in medication/dosage.  Again, Part I must be signed by both the parent/guardian and the licensed health care practitioner.

    3.  Medication should be delivered directly to the school nurse by the PARENT/GUARDIAN.  All medications will be kept by the nurse unless procedures in paragraph 5 are required.  No medication should be delivered by the child: this entails a danger to share or lose the medication.  Medication will be returned only to a parent/guardian – it will not be sent home with the child.

    4.  Medication must be in the original labeled container prepared by the pharmacist.  (Ask your pharmacist to prepare your prescription with two labeled containers so that one may remain in school.) Over-the-counter medications must be in original containers.

    5.  Certain medications might require the child to carry/administer his/her medication rather than having the nurse administer the medication.  This is normally for medication requiring “split-second” administration, such as inhalers or medicine for allergic reaction.  If it is necessary for the child to carry the medication, Part II of the Medication Form must also be completed and signed by both the parent/guardian and the licensed health care practitioner.  Part II certifies that the child understands the proper procedures for administration of the medication.


    The New York State Education Law requires that every child upon entrance to school and routinely at grades 2,4,7 and 10 have a physical examination. This will be done by our school physician unless the parent has the child examined by his/her family physician. We encourage the latter plan since it would normally be done in the presence of the parents and would likely be a more thorough examination. At the beginning of the school year, forms will be sent to each parent/guardian for use by the family physician in reporting to the school physician any examinations done by him/her. This form should be returned even if a physical is not done.


    The New Paltz Central School District carries some accident insurance coverage. Parents/guardians, however, are required to file through their own policy before the school insurance can be used. At times, parents/guardians are required to assume some financial liability when their child requires emergency medical services.  Parents/guardians who have any questions regarding the coverage under this insurance should call the Business Office, 256-4000, for further information.



    Typically, breakfasts and lunches can be purchased for a week or a month at a time. Snacks and milk may also be purchased through students' accounts. You may pay online through SchoolBucks or send money or a check (payable to New Paltz School Food Services) in an envelope labeled "lunch/breakfast money."  Please include the child's name, teacher's name, and room number on the envelope as well.  The envelope should be given to the teacher. Prices are listed on the monthly menu sent home with your child as well as on the district website.


    Duzine's curriculum provides students learning opportunities that develop their skills, attitudes, concepts and understanding.  Care is taken to focus on the total child and how to best support her/his learning.  We, at Duzine, dedicate ourselves to working with each child at her/his developmental level. 

    A description of each curriculum area and special programs follows.  All curricula are aligned with the New York State Learning Standards.

    Language Arts and Reading: 

    The language arts program includes listening, speaking, reading and writing and is an extremely important part of the children's learning.  Writing and reading occur within all content areas (mathematics, science, and social studies).  Children also use language as a major vehicle for self-expression. 

    Our reading/writing program:

    • promotes successful, independent readers and writers who can understand and apply their skill with enjoyment and purpose;

    • is relevant to the needs, interests, and developmental stages of  learners;

    • provides continuity across grade levels;

    • presents skills in a developmental order;

    • includes the reading of both fictional and non-fictional material;

    • enables teachers to adapt and extend goals for all learners; and

    • demonstrates that teachers are learners, too.


    Our mathematics program is guided by the New York State Next Generation Standards as well as the Bridges in Mathematics program. Emphasis is placed on the following major strands:

                 Number Concepts                    Probability and Statistics

                 Operations and Computation   Geometry and Measurement

                 Patterns and Relationships   Problem Solving

    The underlying assumption regarding this curriculum area is that mathematical concepts must be understood in order to be lastingly useful.  We, therefore, strive to teach for understanding rather than just rote memorization. Our math curriculum emphasizes inquiry and critical thinking through a constructivist method of teaching.

    Social Studies:

    A basic purpose of education is the creation of an informed citizenry.  Our social studies program (K-2) helps children develop a knowledge and appreciation of our heritage and of other cultures throughout the world.  Skills such as the use of maps and the globe, and effective use of reference materials are taught as an integral part of the social studies program as well.


    The goal of our elementary science program is to have our students develop scientific literacy and effective problem solving skills. To accomplish this, students will have the opportunity to explore scientific concepts through a variety of experiences that encourage them to pose questions, seek answers and design solutions.

    The curriculum content for grades K-2 is divided between life and physical sciences.  Through our involvement with the Mohonk Preserve, we have been able to provide a number of environmental experiences for the children.


    In addition to the core academic areas, instruction by trained teachers is provided in the areas listed below.  We feel that these experiences are an integral part of our educational offerings.


    We are very proud of our elementary art program which is designed to promote growth and development in art skills, to stimulate creative expression, and to develop an appreciation of art, beauty and nature.


    Our program provides an opportunity for the child to listen to music, to sing, to respond to rhythms, and to learn musical notation. Through these activities, it is hoped that an appreciation for music will be developed.

    Physical Education:

    Our physical education program is specifically designed to meet the needs of all the children at Duzine by teaching physical fitness skills.  The physical education program also addresses the development of certain social traits. The children learn to take turns, to share equipment and to cooperate with others.

    Reading Support:

    Our reading teachers work directly with children who are in need of additional support in developing their reading skills. They also work closely with classroom teachers so that the needs of individual students can be met.  

    English as a New Language (ENL):

    ENL services are available for those children who speak a language other than English at home and are in need of support to develop their English language skills. They receive services from the ENL teacher.

    Special Education Services:

    A broad spectrum of services are available for students with special needs. The district Committee on Special Education (CSE) works closely with caregivers, students and staff to provide programs and support systems that will meet the individual educational needs of a child requiring special education services.

    Speech Therapy:

    Our Speech Language Pathologists work with children who have articulation needs as well as the children who need to develop skills to express themselves appropriately with language.

    Psychological Services:

    There is a school psychologist assigned to Duzine Elementary School. It is her responsibility to assist families and teachers in dealing effectively with the issues that interfere with a child's learning.  This frequently requires observing, obtaining information and the testing of children. Support from her often helps a child get through difficult times. Referrals are sometimes made to outside agencies.

    Social Worker Services:

    The services of a qualified school social worker are available in our school. The social worker helps students and their families access agencies and services available in times of difficulty and need.  Any parent interested in the help of the social worker should call the school.

    Library Services:

    Our library program offers instruction in library skills, computer literacy, reference services, and reading guidance for children at every grade level. The library collection provides students and teachers with a wide range of instructional materials. The book collection is carefully chosen to include curriculum related materials (informational books, references and supplementary readers) and titles for recreational reading. The library staff is made up of a certified school librarian and a part-time library clerk. A curriculum has been established for every grade level.

    As part of their regular special area schedule, children had class in the library once every six days. Children may also visit the library during "Open Library" times to peruse titles and exchange books. The librarian works with teachers in pulling together a variety of books and other materials for use in the classroom during units of study.


    Your child's academic and social-emotional progress is formally reported three times during the school year. The first two report cards are received during parent/teacher conferences which are held in November and March.  The third and final report card will be sent home in June.  Should you like to request additional conferences with the teacher, please contact your classroom teacher directly.


    Field trips are an important part of the school’s curricula.  In order to attend a field trip, your child must have a signed permission form.  If you are interested in chaperoning field trips, please complete the chaperone form given in the packet of information you receive on the first day of school.


    Duzine and Lenape have a robust and active PTA. We invite our families to become members and attend and/or help out with DLPTA initiatives. For more information, visit the DLPTA's page.


    Upon entering the building during the school day, all parents/guardians/visitors, without exception, must check in with the front office and use the Raptor System in the front vestibule to sign in.

    Visitors are not allowed on the playground during lunch and recess.

    If you wish to speak with your child's teacher, please schedule a meeting in advance of coming to school. Phone calls to teachers should be made through the school unless other arrangements are agreed upon between the teacher and parent/guardian. 


    Dignity for all Students: Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment of Students (BOE Policy 7370)

    The New Paltz Central School District Board of Education is committed to providing a safe and productive learning environment within its schools. In Accordance with New York State’s “Dignity for All Students Act” (“DASA”), the Board is committed to promptly addressing incidents of harassment and/or discrimination of students that impede students’ ability to learn. This includes bullying, taunting or intimidation in all their myriad forms as outlined in District Policy 7370 which may be found on the district’s website, www.newpaltz.k12.ny.us.

    The Board condemns and strictly prohibits all forms of discrimination, such as harassment, hazing and bullying on school grounds, school buses and at all school-sponsored activities, programs and events. No student shall be subjected to harassment by employees or students on school property or at a school function. Nor shall any student be subjected to discrimination based on the on the student’s actual or perceived race, color, weight, physical size/shape, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or sex, by school employees or students on school property or at a school function.

    Discrimination, harassment, hazing or bullying that takes place at locations outside of school grounds which can be reasonably expected to materially and substantially interfere with the requirements of appropriate discipline in the operation of the school or impinge on the rights of other students is prohibited, and may be subject to disciplinary consequences.  In addition, the District reserves the right to discipline students who engage in the harassment of students off school property under circumstances where such off-campus conduct violates the student code of conduct.

    DASA Coordinators:

    Duzine: Llajaira Dessereau (845) 256-4305

    Duzine: Ross Hogan (845) 256-4350

    District Compliance Officer:

    Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction: Dr. Linda Oehler-Marx - (845) 256-4030

    Statement of Non-Discrimination

    The District condemns and prohibits all forms of discrimination and harassment based on actual or perceived race, color, weight, physical size/shape, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or sex. If you believe that you have been discriminated against, you may make a claim that your rights have been denied. This claim or grievance may be filed with the Deputy Superintendent/Title IX Officer: New Paltz Central School District, 196 Main Street, New Paltz, NY 12561, (845) 256-4030


    The district's updated Code of Conduct can be found on the NPCSD website (https://www.newpaltz.k12.ny.us/domain/692) and is included below. Please make sure to read, sign, and return the Code of Conduct parent/guardian acknowledgement at the end of the document to your child's teacher by Monday, September 11th, 2023.