How you Earn Nordic Letters


    You may only miss 8 practices.

    1. You must qualify for the sectional race.  This means you must race in at least 3 varsity races (Possibly 2...depending on the snow this year)

    2. You must be at all races.  If you are absent from school you are excused. If you are injured, you come to the race to help.

     Junior varsity

    1.  You may miss 9 to 12 practices

    2.  You must be at all dual meets.  If you are absent from school, you are excused.


    Participation letter

    1. Missed more than 13 practices.  Miss more than 14 practices and you are off the team.

     The following do not count as excused absences

    1. Doctor’s appointment

    2. Dentist appointment

    3. Hair cuts

    4. Babysitting

    5. Driver Ed.  Come early or later

    6. Travel soccer/gymnastics/other club sports

    7. Staying after for academics-we don’t usually start until 3. Come late and it will count.

    8. Going home sick after school unless I have a note from the nurse, or you are on the left early list.

    9. College entrance exams.  SAT’s do not count as an excuse.  Plan on this as your missed invitational if you can’t attend

    10. Ski Club

    11. Play practice-the play dates are excused.

    Remember you have 8 practices to give.  The above is what you utilize these practices for.


    The following will be counted as excused absences

    1. College interview…to an extent.  You shouldn’t miss more than two races.

    2. See me about religious functions

    3. Absent from school

    4. A school trip that is mandatory.

    5. School concerts/ceremonies

     There will always be special circumstances, so please see me if you are having difficulty.

     You can make-up practices by:  

    1. Coming to optional practices held over winter break

    2. Come to practices we designate as optional.

    3. You may only make-up a total of 4 practices.

    If you are out due to an injury over three weeks, you may not receive a varsity letter.


Last Modified on November 29, 2023