• Nordic Ski Requirements and Potential Expenses: 2022-2023 package rental price is  $165 from Rock and Snow. 

      At this point,  Nordic ski does not make cuts from the team...but if you miss 11 or more unexcused absences you will be asked to leave the team...we run this as a team sport-not a club.  I say this because you are laying out money for equipment, but it isn't a guarantee to stay on the team.  

    Skis:  You shouldn’t use a no-wax ski. 

      If you are renting:  Keep in mind, buying a better pair of skis when you are a beginner will not make you a better skier.  You are better off renting until you develop techniques and gain  conditioning -buying a pair of skis is expensive.  You can get the rental package at Rock and Snow in New Paltz for $165 plus tax.  The sooner you get there the better you will get the size you need. You can start to get your equipment ( not known yet).

     The rental package includes; skis with bindings, boots, a pair of classic and a pair of skate poles and  road ferrules for both poles.  When we roller ski with poles, we suggest using road ferrals (points on the end of the poles that don't slip when digging the poles in) as the regular ski tips break often and you will have to go back to Rock and Snow to have the tips replaced-at your cost.

    If you are not renting and looking to purchase do your research.   

    1.        There are 3 types of skis;  1. skate  2. classic   3. combi-this will work for both styles of skiing.  Many advanced skiers have a pair of skis for skate and classic.

    2.        There are also 3 types of boots;  1. Skate    2.  Classic    3. Combi.  You should have combi as a minimum-this is fine for beginners.  Some advanced skiers add on a skate boot, but keep in mind a skate boot doesn’t classic well. Make sure the boot fits the ski binding.

          -Our rollerskis are an NNN binding-so if you buy your own boots they need to be NNN style.

    3.       Poles.  You should have a separate pair of poles for classic and skate.  Having only one pair will severely hinder the development of proper technique and can lead to discomfort and/or injury.

    Watch with a stop watch with it.  A cheap Timex is good. You need your hands free to use your poles so your iphone won't work.  We do a good deal of running/skiing based on time.

    CLOTHING:  Rock and Snow has all of this available, but so do other sporting stores.  Lobster gloves are more specific to a skiing store.

    Gloves/Mitt:  Gloves or mittens must not be bulky in order to fit in the pole straps.  Too warm a glove or mitten may cause excessive sweat and freeze.  Thinsulate is the most effective insulation in a Nordic ski glove.  Be careful of a Gore-Tex glove as it may not breathe well.  Lobster gloves and/or a race glove are commonly used.    $35 to $50

    Hat:  A good lined but lightweight head covering, or head band is good for racing. Bulky hats often get in the way-but on a really cold practice day a wool blend hat is warm.  Make sure the hat covers the ears.  $15 to $30

    Pants: Try for a black Lycra bottom. If wearing a thermal tight it should at least wick moisture.  Warmth can be accomplished by having a pair of lined wind pants for cold days.  Waterproof is not required. Swix and Sporthill offer a nice line of clothing-but they are expensive…they do last.    $50 to $100

    Shirts: Cotton does not work well on any level when skiing, but it is ok for dryland training Wool is highly suspect since it doesn’t hold its shape, though it retains warmth.  For skiing and cold weather, it is advisable to have as many garments as possible-some light weight, some heavier weight so you can layer according to the temperature and weather conditions.  Long sleeves are a must, highly effective moisture-wicking fabrics is a priority.   $30 to $70

    Socks:  ABSOLUTELY NO COTTON ever!  Cotton can cause blisters when wet.  Long for moisture wicking-get these when trying on your boots.  You will probably need 3 pair to last between washings.  Smart wool is a possible brand.  $10 to $15

    Water bottle and belt:  On practice days we can be out on the trails a long time. Dehydration is a hidden danger in the winter! $30

    Hand/Toe warmers:  Some individuals, no matter what they can’t keep their hands and toes warm.  Having some hot pockets can be handy. 

    As you see Nordic skiing can be an expensive sport.  The front end expense is high but after that there is little else.  The clothing can be used for other sports. You do not need to get it all this year.  Priorities:  watch, water bottle and belt, good gloves, socks, wicking type shirts


Last Modified on November 9, 2022