• 3/11/18


    -Sweatshirt forms and money due on Wednesday. Find forms outside the girl’s locker room.

    -We have one group of exercises left. We will do those after running today at 4:00ish. This will be done inside.

    -Seniors meet with me at 4:30 to pick your teams

    -M-W-F: Pole vault will happen from 4:30 to 6 if you can stay longer. At this point you still need to be at the full practice as there are many drills to be learned for the season.


    Monday: We will meet on the track at 2:50-providing the weather cooperates.

    3:00- Run 1500 for time: Val/Emily/Lydia/Andie/Maia/Orla/Ruthie/Anabel/Chloe/ Abbey G/Claire/ Rebecca I/Karla/Sophia N/Aiden S/Eliza/Sam Shane/Amelia St. John/Claire/Francesea/Lake/Tori/Tsering.

    Following run cool down run another 2 miles and stretch. Bands at 4:00


    3:00-Go directly with RC -Hurdlers and anyone interested in hurdles (except those running the 1500) will be with coach RC. Your warm-ups today will be with her. Following hurdles come in for band work at 4

    3:00: Sprinters (everyone else, including throwers, but not hurdlers today):

    -Hill repeats like Thursday x 6-then come over to track with me at 3:30 for drills. Inside for bands at 4


Last Modified on March 11, 2018