• How you EarnTrack Letters




    1. You may only miss 4 practices. (You must be at practice at least 1 hour and 15 min to count)
    2. You must be at 4 of the 5 invitationals 
    3. You must be at all dual meets.  If you are absent from school you are excused.
    4. Must  practice through MHAL's and sectionals even if you do not qualify
    5. Must meet the MHAL standards in at least one event, unless you are a returning Junior or Senior and have not earned a varsity letter yet.


    Junior varsity


    1.      You may miss 5 to 10 practices and/ or you only make 3 of the 5 invitationals.

    2.      You must be at all dual meets.  If you are absent from school you are excused

    3.      Must practice through MHAL's even if you do not qualify.


    Participation letter


    1. Miss more than 10 practices and you are off the team.


    The following do not count as excused absences

    1. Doctor’s appointment’s
    2. Dentist appointment’s
    3. Hair cuts
    4. Babysitting
    5. Driver Ed.  Come early or later
    6. Travel soccer/gymnastics/other club sports
    7. Staying after for academics (remember you can come out by 3:45 and still get your time in.  You will have to stay till 5:00 )
    8. Going home sick after school unless I have a note from the nurse.
    9. College entrance exams.  SAT’s do not count as an excuse.  Plan on this as your missed invitational if you can’t attend.

    Remember you have 4 practices to give.  The above is what you utilize these extra practices for.


    The following will becounted as excused absences

    1. College interview…too an extent.  You can’t miss all the Invitationals.
    2. Away for a family vacation during our vacation
    3. See me about religious functions
    4. Absent from school
    5. School trip that is mandatory.
    6. If I do not have an event for you at an invitational and I excuse you


    There will always be special circumstances so please see me if you are having difficulty



    You can make up practices by.  You may only make-up a total of 4 practices.


    1. Working a modified home meet
    2. Coming to optional practices held over spring break
    3. Come to practices  I designate as optional.



    Event Missed                                     Number of practices needed to make it up


    1.  Practice                                                                   1

    2.  Dual meet                                                               2

    3.  Invitational                                                             2


    If you are out due to an injury over a week you may not receive a varsity letter.



                                             MHAL  Standards  2018


    100 Hurdles                21.0                                         Shot Put                      24’

    100 dash                     14.6                                         Discus                          70’

    400 dash                     70.0                                         High Jump                  4’4

    1500                            6:00                                         LongJump                  13’

    800 run                        3:00                                       Triple Jump                25’

    200 dash                     30.0                                         Pole Vault                   7'0

    400 hurdles                 83.0

    3000 run                     14:00
    Steeple:  a cut-off is being established
Last Modified on March 27, 2019