Nordic Ski Information


    Our section has a long tradition of participation in cross-country skiing and striving to be competitive at the state level. No doubt you can imagine the challenge of keeping pace with the programs that are on snow much longer. Nonetheless we have managed to medal at several of the state meets including a State Champion in both the boys and girls race. To be at this level the kids need to get to snow and take part in the extra races offered through JOQ’s and/ or the Empire state races. If we do not have local snow we rely on parents to get kids to snow. The school can’t do this on regular bases. What continues to bring the kids out every year, training in the cold, traveling on occasion to find snow, facing the grueling nature of the sport? Nordic ski offers a unique experience…a sport surrounded by natural beauty, one that can be continued for a lifetime, and demands camaraderie and commitment. 


    Which Schools currently have programs?

    New Paltz, Wallkill, Monticello, Possibly Rondout

    Where are the meets held?

    When we have local snow meets will take place at the Mohonk Mountain House-on the golf course, or Minnewaska. If there is a lack of snow or deterioration of late season snow we may travel to Lapland, Prospect Mountain-in Vermont, Gore, Garnett Hill, maple Ridge...any place within 3 hours.



    JV racedistance is usually around 2K. Coaches decide who skis are each level. The determination is based on an individual’s technique and conditioning level.


    Varsity racesstart out around 5K and we try to build up to 7.5K for girls and 10K for boys.


    What are the safety considerations?

    Athletes are required to have adequate clothing as temperatures are often in the teens and twenties, though we have skied at near zero temperatures. Athletes receive proper downhill technique as well as learn how to fall-but downhill skiing is always a concern. Precautions are taken to ensure safe training and racing, but risks are inherent and must be recognized.


    How do you train when there’s no snow?

    Running, plyometrics, roller skiing, and strengthening are all part of the program. We make use of local running trails, hills, paved rail trails, and school grounds. Creativity is a necessity when there isn’t snow…. So wish for snow!! The funny part is when it finally snows-we don’t have school.




Last Modified on November 1, 2019