• Important: Make sure parents read under parent information for allowing you to go home with other parents. Parents always want to know what time you will be home. This is difficult for us to know-so look when the last race is and try to figure it out from there. We will try to give approximate times the day before.


    Posted 9/2/18  9pm

    • September 8th is our first Invitational. Please read rules regarding going home with parents
    • Bus leaves at 6:30 am (it may be a little later)
    • Your athlete will know what rave they will be in by Wednesday night.
    • The races information is below

    Wave Mania/Warwick

    • For invitationals-once your race is over I do allow you to go home-but I also encourage you to stay for the meet and support your other team mates. For the weekday meets you have to stay for the entire meet.
    • Some of you will not have enough practices, but you should go to the meet and warm-up with the team and it will count as a practice.









Last Modified on February 2, 2019