• September 5, 2023


    Dear High School Students and Families,

    We look forward to having all of our high school students back in school tomorrow.  As we begin the new year, we want to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the rules about cell phones.

    For years, the NPCSD Code of Conduct has said that cell phones were not allowed to be used in any of the buildings.  While cell phones were prohibited in the middle school and the elementary grades, cell phones have frequently been used in the high school.

    In an effort to have a cell phone policy that is enforced and enforceable in the high school, we have adopted an updated high school cell phone policy which can be found in the district code of conduct.  Click this link to see the full code of conduct.

    District Code of Conduct 2023-2024

    Here is what the code of conduct says about the cell phone policy in the high school:

    Classroom teachers and study hall teachers have the right to create and enforce cell phone policies in their classrooms. Cell phone limitations in the classroom may range from a complete ban on cell phones to allowing the use of cell phones for educational purposes. Cell phones should not be used for entertainment purposes in classes or in study halls.  Students may not use cell phones in the hallways or in the lavatories while class is in session.  Special permission to use the phone outside of the room during class may be granted by the teacher in case of emergency.


    Teachers must clearly explain their classroom cell phone policies and include them on their course syllabi so that students and parents fully understand them.  Students are required to follow all classroom cell phone policies.  Teachers and study hall monitors have the right to confiscate cell phones that are being used in violation of classroom rules. 


    Students may use cell phones between periods, during lunch, before and after school, and on school transportation.  However, all cell phone use must follow the guidelines set forth earlier in this code of conduct, including not speaking loudly, listening to loud music, or being disruptive, and not videoing people or taking their pictures without permission.  If listening to music with headphones or earbuds, one of the individual’s ears must remain unblocked at all times so that they can hear people talking to them and so that they can hear safety announcements.


    These new rules do represent a change from the past.  It is very important that all students and parents familiarize themselves with the particular cell phone rules put out by  all of their classroom teachers.  It is unlikely that all teachers will have the exact same policy.  However, all teachers will clearly explain their cell phone policies in the syllabus for each course that they send home.

    A successful cell phone policy is important in a school because it reduces distractions that might affect the educational process and it supports increased social interactions between students.  The purpose of the cell phone policy is not to punish students but rather to help them gain a better understanding of how cell phones can be used appropriately.  Having said that, it is important that all students follow the cell phone policy. According to the code of conduct, here are some typical ways that cell phones are often misused in a school setting:

    We encourage parents and their children to sit down and have a conversation about the cell phone policy.  Please be sure you understand that:

                 Each teacher has the right to establish the cell phone policy in their classroom.

                 Students must strictly follow the policy in each room.

    If emergencies arise, students must speak with their teacher and gain permission before using their cell phone.

    Teachers have the right to confiscate phones from students not following the policy.

    District administrators will fully support teachers in their enforcement of the cell phone policy.

    Outside of the classroom, students must use cell phones responsibly including not videoing anyone else or taking pictures of anyone else without their permission.

    We believe the new cell phone policy is important, and, just like with anything else, the success of this new policy will depend on quality communication.  Please read the class syllabi provided by the teachers.  Acquaint yourself with all relevant class rules.  Reach out to the teacher or administration if you have questions about any rules or policies.

    Thank you for your assistance with this endeavor.  Have a great start to the school year.


    Stephen Gratto - Superintendent