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    Department: English 7 and 8
    Email Address: jdenman@newpaltz.k12.ny.us

    Voice Mail: 845-256-4000 Ext. 69707

    Classroom: Room 41


    Remote Learning Plan:

    For the month of June, my office hours will be as follows:

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9-10

    Tuesday, Thursday 10-11


    Please email me to begin communication during my hours.  As always, you may email me at any time and I will respond as soon as I can.  If you need me at a time that is not in an office hour, that can certainly be arranged!  

    General info:

    • There are activities to complete in the Google Classroom.  They will be indicated in the class calendar (linked below) on their suggested completion dates and their "due date".  They can be fully accessed and completed by students upon logging into the class. I will be marking tasks complete or missing in Power School after the deadline passes so you see that as you need.
    • There are additional choice reading and writing options for students to take advantage of in Q4 if they wish to enhance this time with extra reading and writing.  These are optional and designed to be supportive of creative and meaningful ways to spend some of the extra time we find ourselves having right now.  They are also open to suggestion if a student would like to engage in a reading or writing task that I have not thought of.  I am also encouraging listening to audiobooks and podcasts (with parental/guardian consent) during this time.  Listening can give us ways to experience stories and access information during this time when we find ourselves spending so much time reading to access all of our learning.


    Here is a link to each of the class calendars.  Tasks appear on their suggested completion and due dates:

    English 8 Period 1

    English 8 Period 4

    English 8 Period 5

    English 8 Book Reviews

    English 7 Periods 3 and 8

    English 7 Book Reviews







    Please be aware that all handouts referred to in the calendar are organized by unit in the tabs on the left hand side of the page.
    To get a handout:
    1. Look at the tabs on the left.
    2. Click on the unit being studied.
    3. Scroll down until you find the link to the handout you need.
    4. Open the link.
    5. Press print.

    MLA Heading and General Guidelines
      All work that is handed in must have this heading.


Last Modified on June 3, 2020