• Request for use of school facilities

    Would you like to use our school facilities? You will need to fill out the Facilities Use Form and the Facilities Outdoor Field/ Facilities Use Addendum Form. The links to the forms are below: 

    If your COI has an (N/A) which indicates you are not providing workers' comp for your staff, then New York State requires you to provide the District with a signed copy of the CE-200 Certificate of Attestation of Exemption. You can obtain this certificate online by going to the link below and creating an account. They will then email you a completed CE-200 form as soon as you have completed their online application.   New Paltz Central School District must be listed under "Business Applying For" on CE-200 Certificate.     http://www.wcb.ny.gov/content/ebiz/wc_db_exemptions/requestExemptionOverview.jsp

    Please use the appropriate Field Map below when choosing the field you are interested in using.
    3. Sound and Light (A/V) request form (if using the High School auditorium)
    4. Internal Facilities Use Request (for New Paltz Faculty & Staff). Directions and Links are available when you sign in to our District Website.
    (Please note, if you are in need of sound and light for the High School Auditorium you must fill out the form (see 3.) and submit to the Facilities and Operations Dept. Please indicate your Event Schedule ID# on the form)
    Please contact Stephanie Harris (256-4090) or E-mail facilitiesrequest@newpaltz.k12.ny.us with any questions.


    • If schools are closed for a holiday or emergency / weather closing, all events on that day will be canceled.

    • School district related activities and events receive priority for scheduling.