• Organ Donation  
    - This site provides informaiton on organ donation to further understanding of organ and tissue donation.


    Relationship Information
  • - This website discusses the different forms of dating abuse and provides quizzes to assess how healthy or unhealthy a realtionship is.
  • Diseases
  • - This website has information about every disease. It explains the cause, symptoms, treatment and prevention of diseases.


    My Food Plate
  • - This website offers information about the new food plate. It also covers basic information on healthy foods and servign sizes.


    National Institute on Drug Abuse  
  • - This website offers information on legal and illegal drugs. It provides iformation on the form the drug comes it, its street/slang names, the effects of the drug and statistics.
    Kids and Teens Health
  • - This website has lots of articles and videos about many health topics.


Last Modified on March 20, 2013