Ski camp is not school related and is open to returning skiers first. We are limited in space.

     New Paltz Ski Camp 2019-2020

    When: January 24th-26th, leaving immediately after school on Friday the 24th.

    Where  Skiing will take place at the site of the 1980 Olympics, Mt. Van Hoevenberg as well as a possible night skiing session at Crandall Park in Glens Falls. 

     Lodging:  Lysek’s Hillcrest Inn in Lake Placid, where we have stayed for over 10 years.  Kid’s sleep 6-8 per room in bunk beds.  Boys and girls sleep on separate floors.  Marilyn Lysek and her husband Richard prepare all the family style meals and include a box lunch for the trails.

     Why:  The intensive training and world-class trails allow for tremendous improvement in a short time.

     Cost:  $170  includes lodging, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, all             

                                            trail fees, and a tee-shirt.  

    ($50 of which is non-refundable…In the event that weather prevents us from going a non-refundable deposit has already been paid to Lysek’s)     

    Coaches:   Ann Gregory, hopefully another coach,


     Itinerary:    Jan 24th   2:30   We will board the bus after school and go directly to Crandall Park

    (Glenn’s Falls to ski).  Following this we will go to Panera for dinner (not included).

                Arrive Lysek’s Hillcrest Inn, Lake Placid.  If there isn’t snow at Glenn’s Falls

                    We often go to Placid and ski on the ice/lake.


       Jan 25th   9:00am      Skiing at Mt. VanHovenberg Olympic Trails (practice then free ski)

         3:30pm         Return to Lysek’s

         6:00pm         Time to tour Lake Placid…and buy Coach Ann Chocolate

         9:30pm         Curfew

        Jan 26th   9:00am           Skiing at Mt. VanHovenberg Olympic Trails (long ski)

       3:00pm          Leave for Home maybe stopping in Glens Falls for dinner (not included)

        7:30pm          Approximate New Paltz arrival (we will call as we get closer)


     What to Bring:     A checklist will follow

     Contact Info:  Ann Gregory    845-679-8138 (H):  I have a pre-paid phone I will have on the trip: 845-399-1265

                            Lysek’s            518-523-1700


    Athlete’s Name_______________________________________ (please print)


    My son/daughter, _________________________ has my permission to attend the 2018 New Paltz High School Ski Camp to be held in Lake Placid, NY from January 25th-27th, 2019.  I understand this is not a school-sponsored trip

    _____________________________________                            _____________________________________   

    (parent’s name- please print)                                                                                      (parent’s signature)


    _____My child has permission to ice skate on the Lake Placid Olympic Skating Oval  ________________________

                                                                                                                                             (parent’s signature)

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