•                2018-2019 Nordic Schedule:       Printable Schedule


    There are several meets listed on here. Obviously, we only race if there is snow.  The large number of dates is listed in order to save out busses.

     It is always hard to get busses last minute. We try to stay with these dates, but if there is a good snow fall we need to go when there is snow.

      On a good snow year, we usually get in 6 to 10 races.

    Keep in mind not all individuals may be ready to race-it will depend on how much snow practice we get.


                                                           2018-2019 Nordic Schedule

      Day                  Date                            Meet                                                   Bus                      Race Time

     Saturday        December 1 (possible scrimmage)     At Gore-limited returners      6 am                  10:00

    Saturday         December 8                At Gore                                                6 am                HS at 11:00

                            This is a NYSSRA points race for those interested.  You can race Sunday also.        


    Tuesday          December 11              Rollerski or snow  Race-local               2:30                             3:30

    Thursday        December 13              Mohonk (NP winter concert)                2:30                             3:30

    Tuesday          December 18              Ice Skate/Snow race at Mohonk          2:30        Cost $12-not mandatory to go

                                                                                                                                  Ice-skating, but if race then mandatory

     Thursday       December 20               Mohonk                                                                               2:30

    Saturday        December 29                Queensbury-skate                           6am                              TBA

    Thursday        January 3                     Mohonk                                          2:30                             3:30 

    Tuesday          January 8                     Mohonk                                          2:30                             3:30

    Thursday        January 10                   Mohonk                                          2:30                              3:30

    Tuesday          January 15                   Mohonk                                          2:30                             3:30

    Thursday        January 17                   Mohonk                                          2:30                              3:30

    Saturday        January 19                   Gore Ski Bowl  -classic                    6 am                9:45-If beginners

                            There is JNQ races with this-you can do both days                                        10:30 rest of field


    Tuesday          January 29                   Mohonk                                          2:30                             3:30

    Thursday        January 31                   Mohonk                                          2:30                              3:30

    Saturday        February 2                   Minnewaska                                    2:30                             9:30

    Monday          February 4                   Mohonk                                           2:30                             3:30

    Wednesday    February 6                   Mohonk                                           2:30                             3:30

    Friday             February 8                   Mohonk                                         2:30                             3:30

    You have to Qualify for these races.


    **Tuesday      February 13     Sectional Meet at Mohonk or away if no snow          12:00

         Snow date Wed-14th


    **States are at Gore Ski Bowl.  Leave Sunday 24th:  Classic 7.5/10k race on Monday.  3 x 3 skate relay on Tuesday


    Other possible races we may attend based on snow.  We would have to leave school early for these so they will be limited.


    Monday          December 17                  Maple Ridge (limited skiers-skate-scrimmage)               1:00                                             4:00

    Thursday        January 3                     Saratoga Invite-classic                                                  11:00                                           3:00                                                               

    Monday          January 21                   Skiathlon (Parents drive-overnight on your own)      Lake Placid                                           10:00           

    Thursday        January 31st                 Lake George Invite-classic                                             10:30                 Lake George HS    3:00

    Tuesday         February 5                   Scotia-Glenville-skate relay                                            10:30             Indian Meadows        3:00           

    Friday             February 8                   Shen Invite-skate                                                                                    Coles Woods        4:00



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