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    In November of 2014 New Paltz High School, in conjunction with the Greater New Paltz Community Partnership, brought back Stress Busters – a program that began in 2013-2014 in an effort to address the increasing stress levels of students. Stress Busters dedicates an entire week to help foster safe and effective strategies for stress management through participation in a wide variety of classes offered after school.

    Students voluntarily sign-up for classes offered including Zumba, Yoga, African Dance, Cardio Hip Hop, Cross-Fitness Training, and two new and vastly popular classes that were suggested by the students from last year’s feedback – Henna and an A Cappella Group.

    Two classes were offered each day after school from November 3 through November 7 and were taught by gracious professionals from the New Paltz community. The classes taught techniques to channel stress and anxiety – two main health concerns that affect a large proportion of the school population – especially in a High School where students are learning to budget their time and energy in a world of deadlines and to-do lists.

    Some Stress Busters classes focused more on the physical release of stress while others focused on quieting the mind and body or tapping into one’s artistic spirit and the release of negative energy in creative ways.

    Students enjoyed the opportunity to experience classes that were both familiar and new to them – without having to worry about fees and the convenience of being on school grounds. Students were excited to be involved and are hopeful that Stress Busters will continue to evolve and thrive in the future!

    Shannan Magnetico
    High School Health Teacher