About Señora Delfini
    This is my eleventh year as a Teacher of World Languages in New Paltz, and my first year in the New Paltz Middle School.  I have taught both French and Spanish at Duzine and Lenape Elementary Schools.  Before that, I taught for five years as a middle school French teacher and served as Learning Facilitator for the World Language Department of my school in Greenwich, CT. 

    I received my B.A. in French with a concentration in Education and a minor in Dance from Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania. I immediately attended graduate school with Middlebury College in Paris and received my M.A. in French in 2000. I was also the recipient of a Youth and Sport Grant from the French government in 2002, which allowed me to spend two weeks in Auvergne, France. Always a student, I went back to school to study Spanish, first at the Language Immersion Institute on the SUNY-New Paltz campus, then at SUNY-New Paltz itself. My husband's parents lived in Argentina for many years, and they are delighted that I can speak to them in Spanish;  we also have many friends from countries in South and Central America.  Always a student, I am lucky to have real-world, ongoing ways to continue to practice and refine my languages.  As a Dance minor, I love dance, and enjoy bringing music and culture to my lessons as well.

    I am an active member of several organizations for language educators, including NYSAFLT, and NNELL.

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    My husband and I love to travel, and have been to many places in the U.S. and Europe. My favorite places are Glacier National Park, Montana; Sevilla, Spain; and Paris.



    my girls Outside of school, I like to read and take photographs, and exercise with friends;  I became a Zumba(R) instructor in 2013.  I enjoy skiing and going to the beach with my husband and our daughters, who were born in 2009 and 2011.
    Learning another language - Spanish, French, or any other - opens doors to so many opportunities: work experiences in other countries, friends of different backgrounds, and a deeper appreciation for other cultures as well as one's own. Language class is more than just learning to communicate; it is also learning to problem-solve, to empathize, to create connections with another individual. It is my hope that my students will continue to pursue a language, either Spanish or another of their choice.

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