• Dear Voters of the New Paltz School District,

    On March 24, you came to the polls and made a momentous statement about the future of our schools. "Our" schools, because they belong to everyone in our community. They are much more than mere buildings -- they're a reminder to us that our parents and grandparents thought our education and our future was something of vital importance, and that they wanted us to have all that they had and more. They're also a symbol of our commitment to the generations of students to come. We want to provide them with every possible advantage, a robust and comprehensive education that is suited to the world they will live in. The decision you made on March 24 ensures that we will be able to provide them with that, in safe, healthy, up-to-date facilities.

    It's been a very long road, and we could not have arrived here without your participation. Your questions, comments, suggestions, scrutiny, skepticism, prodding, cajoling, and encouragement all contributed to the final plan. We thank you for all of it, and are so very grateful to have such an informed and engaged community.

    So what happens now? Our architectural firm, Tetra Tech Architects & Engineers, working with the Board of Education, will begin the process of developing detailed designs for the project. At this time, we are expecting to begin major construction in spring 2016. It is possible that some smaller projects may start as early as late summer 2015, but that is reliant on a number of variables, including the NYSED approval and bidding processes. Either way, we are on track for completion of all work by spring/summer 2018. All phases of work will be additionally overseen by our construction management firm, The Palombo Group.

    In the coming weeks and months, please watch our Capital Project website, www.newpaltz.k12.ny.us/project, for updates and progress reports, and as always, please feel free to contact us at any time by email at boe@newpaltz.k12.ny.us with any questions or concerns. Our goal is for the community to continue to be a part of this process.

    Your faith and trust in the Board and administration is truly humbling. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Most importantly, the children of our district will be thanking you for many years to come.

    Brian Cournoyer-President, Ruth Quinn-Vice President, Steven Greenfield, Aimee Hemminger,
    Dominick Profaci, Timothy Rogers, Julie Tresco