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    Physical Education class is designed to offer students a wide variety activities to be active and make healthy choices throughout their life.  We hope that our program here at New Paltz will be at times challenging yet allow students' to enjoy their experiences while in class.

    Doctors notes and long-term medical issues

    If your child is sick or has a short term medical concern the nurse will excuse that student from class.  A long-term medical issue will require a Doctor’s note and the student may be placed in a study hall to help keep up with work and be kept out of class until cleared by a Doctor.


    Presidential Fitness Challenge (fall and spring) 

    We use the Fall scores as a baseline of fitness for our students and design warm ups/activities throughout the year to improve achievement and help improve personal scores in the Spring.



    Please remind your children to make sure they LOCK their lockers for safety.


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    Feel Free to e-mail me if you have any questions/concerns
Last Modified on March 13, 2020