• 2021                   Policy #7315




    The New Paltz Central School District recognizes the value of electronic resources to enhance student learning and the overall operation of our schools.  To this end, the District encourages the responsible use of computers, the District Network, the Internet, and other electronic resources to support the mission and vision of the New Paltz Central School District.  This policy is designed to protect and provide guidance for our students and staff that will have access to these resources.


    The Network and Internet are provided to students and staff for educational purposes. Access to the Network and Internet will be provided to users who act in accordance with this policy. The smooth operation of the Network and Internet relies upon the responsible conduct of the end users and requires efficient, ethical, and legal utilization of the Network and Internet resources.


    Digital Citizenship and Personal Accountability


    The District advocates for equal digital rights and access for all.  Through this process it is imperative that all students and staff understand the importance of being responsible, ethical digital citizens.  This includes, but is not limited to:


    (a)        Treating all others with respect online;


    (b)        Refraining from participating in cyberbullying and reporting any harassing activities you witness;


    (c)        Making appropriate decisions while communicating online through any digital channels; 


    (d)       Respecting others’ digital work.  Do not steal or damage anyone’s digital property;


    (e)        Effective use of using network and online tools effectively to empower and enhance your learning experience.


    (f)        Limiting screen time and the understanding the health risks of technology. Technology is a learning tool, but should not be used exclusively in the learning environment. Maintaining awareness of the physical and psychological risks.


    Internet Safety/Managing Your Digital Footprint


    In addition to being a good digital citizen, users must also be aware of their own digital footprint.  Developing a positive digital footprint is essential.  It can be harmful to the user or District’s reputation if mismanaged, or in the event a user’s account has been compromised.  Good management includes, but is not limited to:


     (a)       Protecting the user: Users may not give out any personal identifiable information online (name, age, ID numbers, address, etc.);


    (b)        Protection of passwords: Passwords are confidential. If a user believes their password has been compromised, it should be changed immediately and an administrator alerted.  Each user is responsible for keeping their password secure;


    (c)        Privacy on the District network: District email, files, and anything else created and stored on local or cloud-based servers are not private.  The network administrator may monitor any account at any time for subject, content, and appropriateness.  Users are responsible for their actions on the District network and any violations of this policy will be reported to the school administrator;


    (d)       Internet etiquette and social media: Users must follow the District Code of Conduct for guidelines on accepted behaviors both online and in our schools.  Each user is responsible for what they say online.  Social media platforms or other online programs may not be used to create, send, display, or distribute anti-social, harassing or threatening messages, pictures, icons, avatars, or other media, including that which is defamatory, abusive, obscene, profane, racially offensive, or offensive to human dignity;


    (e)        Videos and photographs: No user is permitted to take photos or videos of any staff member or student without their explicit  consent;


    (f)        Proxy use: Users are not permitted to employ the use of proxies to circumvent the content filtering put in place by the District;


    (g)        Refraining from plagiarism and adhering to copyright laws.      


    Additional Responsibilities


    1. a) Each user must use the school Network and Internet primarily for educational purposes.


    1. b) Each user is responsible for all material retrieved via the Internet.


    1. c) Each user may NOT:


    1. Attempt to circumvent Network and Internet security measures;


    1. Tamper with or in any way adjust default or teacher-created settings;


    1. Create a computer virus or place a virus onto any computer;


    1. Trespass in another user’s folder, work, or files;


    1. Share their own ID or password with others;


    1. Log in using another user’s account;


    1. Reveal personal information about themselves or others on Websites, including last names, addresses, and/or phone numbers;
    2. Receive or transmit information pertaining to dangerous instrumentalities such as bombs, automatic weapons, or other illicit firearms, weaponry, or explosive devices;


    1. Create, send, or display hate mail, discriminatory or other antisocial remarks, or information which is intended to harass;


    1. Damage, dismantle, detach, or remove computers, mobile devices, network equipment, computer peripherals, printers, scanners, or cameras;


    1. Remove keys from keyboards;


    1. Disconnect or alter cables;


    1. Intentionally waste limited resources (paper, ink and toner, storage space, etc.);


    1. Employ the Network or Internet for commercial purposes;


    1. Bring gum, food, or drink into computer equipment areas;


    1. Access the Network to play non-educational games or for other non-academic activities;


    1. Delete, rename, move, copy, any file or its properties, other than your personally owned data files;


    1. Violate federal copyright laws or software license agreements;


    1. Load, run, or copy software or executable files of any kind onto any of the District's computers or network servers;


    1. d) User’s access and system rights will be assigned by the network administrator.


    1. e) The user will be responsible for any cost to the District due to user negligence or misuse.


    Users must also conform to any additional site restrictions that may be in effect. All Board policies and school regulations apply to the use of the Network and Internet.




    It is the user's responsibility to abide by the rules set forth in this policy. Violations will result in the user's account being removed from the Network or Internet for a period of one week, one month, one semester, or one year depending on the gravity of the offense. 


    Depending on the gravity of the offense, other administrative and/or legal action may occur. 


    Attempts to log in to the system as a system administrator will result in immediate cancellation of user privileges.

    The network administrator, school administrators, Superintendent, or School Board may request specific accounts to be denied, revoked, or suspended.                                                                     





    Adopted:  7/16/08     

    Revised:  2/1/12      

    Revised:  4/24/2019

    Revised:  5/5/2021