Directions to schools            Girls Track and Field Records
      Track and Field -  2020
       email Coach Gregory  with questions or if you need more information
    Posted 3/15/20:  11 am    Included are work-out plans for the week.  You can move the work-outs around to fit your schedule and weather days.  None of the work-outs are that hard that you can't do two hard work-outs 2 days in a row if that is what the weather is dictating.
    -Those that do distance and also jump or do 400-you need to add some jumpers drills in and 400 days. 
    -Please send me an email if you have any questions and  send times to    agregory2@hvc.rr.com   
    Work-outs Week 3
    Work-outs Week 4
    Distance       See times, V-DOT, and mileage below
    Week 5
    Distance     See times, V-Dot, and mileage
    Week 6
    Use Core and Jumpers from previous weeks
     Parents and Athlethes Please Read:
     1.  You must ride the bus to and from any meet unless the following occurs;
       a.  You have a signed note from a parent stating you may ride home with another parent/adult.  This note must be brought in at least a day before the meet to the athletic office.  Mr. Warren's office will be calling your parent to confirm the note. If another parent/guardian/sibling comes to us at the meet and asks to take you home-you may not go...calling them from the meet for permission will not work either.
      b.  What we suggested is that your parent write one note for the season stating all the people you may ride home with.  An example may be;  Ann Gregory has my permission to ride home from or to any meet for the 2019 track season with the following people..........   sign and date the note.
      c.  If you want to write a note for each meet that is allowable. 
     d.  You may not drive yourself to a meet-even with parent permission....this may have changed-check with the AD
    2.  For weekday meets you must stay through the entire meet (home and away)-even if you are done running.  Think of this as any other sport-you wouldn't leave a basketball game just because you are done playing-you are there to cheer everyone else on.  For invitationals we allow you to leave after you are done running.  In either situation your parent must come to Coach RC or myself to sign-out.  We do understand there are special circumstances so see us ahead. Going home to do homework is not one of them. Later in the season leaving for a night review could be a reason
     3. Directions to practice sites:
    -Pine Road:  From the High School-Take 299…turn right onto Butterville Road.  Take a left onto Pine Road.  This is a dirt road between 2 rocks.  Go to the top.
    -Spring Farm: From New Paltz- 299 to Springtown.  Turn onto Springtown.  Follow signs to Mountain House. Go past the entrance to the Mountain House, under bridge, down the hill.  In the middle of the curve look for a sign that says Upper Knolls Rd.  Turn right.
     -Rail Trail:  On 32N.  At the BOCES parking lot…across the road from Duzine school.
    Trapps parking lot:  Over cliff/under cliff:  299 (toward Wallkill View Farms) turn right onto 44/55-go past the visitor center- around the sharp curve-under the overpass-parking lot will be on your right.
    -High Ridge Road:  Directions from the High School.  Take 299...turn onto Springtown.  Follow until Klein kiln Road (do not go towards Mohonk).  Turn left onto Klein Kiln then your first right onto High ridge.  Go to the end of the road.  Do not park on anyone's properly or block driveways.
    -Tony Williams Park-Rail Trail in Highland:  Take 299 towards Highland.  Turn right onto New Paltz Road at the Hess Station.  Continue-then turn left onto S. Riverside Road.  Tony Williams is on the right. 



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