• Posted 8/21/19 at 7:50:  Wednesday practice will be at Spring Farm


    Posted 8/19/19:  Girls pre-season practice schedule. 

     New Paltz Girls XC  practice Schedule 2019:  There is not busing to the locations until school starts.  Heavy rain-practice will be at the HS.  Check the web page and e-mail around 7:15 to see if there are changes. 

    Webpage: go to New Paltz Web page-then choose high school (under schools)-then Quick links on left-then to Cross-Country.  I will post on there.  I have not updated the schedule or webpage on there.


     Monday 19th                     8-10:00 at High School

    Tuesday 20th                     8-10:00 at High School  

    Wednesday 21st               8-10 at Spring Farm

    Thursday 22nd                   8-10 at Spring Farm 

    Friday 23rd                          8-9:30 at Rail Trail

    Sat 24th                                 8-9:30 at Rail Trail           

     Monday 26th                     8-10 at Pine Road

    Tuesday 27th                     8-9:30 Rail Trail

    Wednesday 28th              8-10  at Pine Road

    Thursday 29th                    8-10 at Spring Farm

    Friday 30th                           TBA

    Saturday 31st                      TBA


    Monday 2nd                       Holiday

    Tuesday 3rd                        5:30-7  Over-cliff-undercliff                        

    Wednesday 4th                  Students start school.  Practice after school 3 to 5


    Pine Road:  From the High School-Take 299…turn right onto Butterville Road.  Take a left onto Pine Road.  This is a dirt road between 2 rocks.  Go to the top.

    Spring Farm:  299 to Springtown.  Turn onto Springtown.  Follow signs to Mountain House. Go past the entrance to the Mountain House, under bridge, down the hill.  As the road starts to bend sharply to the left, you will see a sign that says Spring Farm Trailhead/Upper Knolls Rd. with an arrow pointing right. Go straight into that roadway.”

    Rail Trail:  On 32N.  At the BOCES parking lot…across the road from Duzine school.

    Trapps parking lot:  Over cliff/under cliff:  299 (toward Wallkill View Farms) turn right onto 44/55-go past the visitor center- around the sharp curve-under the overpass-parking lot will be on your right.


    Ann Gregory-Girls coach:  679-8138  or agregory2@hvc.rr.com

    Joe Foti- Boys coach: 




    Important: Make sure parents read under parent information for allowing you to go home with other parents. Parents always want to know what time you will be home. This is difficult for us to know-so look when the last race is and try to figure it out from there. We will try to give approximate times the day before.



    • For invitationals-once your race is over I do allow you to go home-but I also encourage you to stay for the meet and support your other team mates. For the weekday meets you have to stay for the entire meet.
    • Some of you will not have enough practices, but you should go to the meet and warm-up with the team and it will count as a practice.









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