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Open Studio in Art

Every Tuesday afternoon after school, art students in New Paltz High School are welcome to drop into Open Studio in Art. Unlike many other after-school activities, Open Studio in Art is not a club or a committee. Rather, it is intended for students who want to work on their current art projects, use the space or equipment, get extra help, catch up, get ahead, or even work on their regular school work. Some students come because they do not have a pottery wheel at home. Others say they choose to attend because they identify as artists and enjoy being in the company of fellow student artists. Unlike a club, however, there are no field trips, fundraising, or material costs. Staffed by art teachers Todd Martin and MaryJane Nussbaum, the Open Studio in Art is available Tuesdays in the art rooms from 2:45 - 4PM. For more information, please contact Todd Martin at