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UPK's 3 Sisters Restaurant is Open for Business!

teachers helping students serve pie

It was a full house last month on the day the “Three Sisters Restaurant” opened up for business at Duzine Elementary School’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten classroom. The very adorable “staff”  even served some very special guests, including new Superintendent Stephen Gratto. The restaurant is named after the Lenape agricultural tradition of growing three essential crops together—beans, corn, and squash—paired together because they protect and nourish each other. In honoring that tradition, the restaurant served dishes that reflected that very same practice on the very same land the Lenape once farmed! 


The Pre-K hosts and hostesses came out one by one to greet attending parents and family “patrons,” and personally escorted them to their tables, where servers proffered menus featuring colorful hand-drawn renditions of the wholesome dishes they were about to enjoy. Menu items included corn on the cob, cornbread, corndogs, popcorn, green beans, and pumpkin pie. Superintendent Gratto highly recommended the pie! The restaurant “staff” then treated their guests to a musical performance. After the meal, restaurant patrons used handmade “Three Sisters Bucks” to pay the pre-K cashiers for their meal and then tipped the hardworking students with treats from provided baskets of candy. The budding Pre-K restaurateurs earned five-star reviews!  #fivestarreview #preschoolrocks #ThreeSisters #MaroonPride #LenniLenape