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New Paltz Students of Color Alliance Host School Wide Black History Month Celebration

In honor of Black History Month, the High School’s Students of Color Alliance (SOCA) hosted a special celebration that incorporated some of our favorite things. SOCA students shared a free banquet of delicious prepared ethnic foods from the islands and African countries, such as Jamaican rice, sweet yams, sweet and salty plantains, African roasted chickpeas dish, banana pudding and a Caribbean sorrel drink made from hibiscus, spices, and ginger. In the gymnasium, Drew Andrews and his son Malik and daughter Lisa Brown, from the Center of Creative Education, brought African drums and got students to have fun with some basic African dance moves. Meanwhile, students in the Auditorium watched a student-led presentation about the cultures of black populations in different nations and communities. SOCA club members organized and hosted the entire impressive event, supported by faculty and staff.  Thank you to SOCA and all who volunteered to make this event truly special and memorable! Well done!