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High School Community Celebrates Ramadan

Ramadan is the Arabic name for the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. It is considered one of the holiest months for Muslims, marked by a period of fasting. Ramadan falls on a different date every year, due to the cycles of the moon. In 2023, Ramadan started the evening of Wednesday, March 22, and will finish on the evening of Friday, April 21. Muslims do have an early morning meal before dawn, known as suhoor or sehri. Many Muslims do not eat or drink anything—including water—until they break their fast after sunset for the evening meal. If you want to wish someone well, you can say "Ramadan Mubarak," which means "Blessed Ramadan," or "Ramadan Kareem," which translates as "Generous Ramadan." The High School’s (HS) International/Latino Heritage Club (formerly Hispanic Heritage and World Cultures Club) hosted a Ramadan celebration for the entire HS community to enjoy. The club members displayed festive Ramadan decorations and informational posters around the room with pleasing Islamic music filling the air. They also assembled baskets of traditional foods eaten at sundown, such as nuts and dates, and handed them out during lunch. 


Curious students, faculty, and staff came in to learn more about Ramadan and enjoy a treat. HS math teacher Randa Abdelrahman stopped by and answered questions about foods, fasting, her practice and more. Spanish teacher and club advisor Rod Castro encouraged folks to also take a bag of the snacks home to enjoy in solidarity with their Muslim classmates breaking fast at sundown. 


Thank you to the International/Latino Heritage Club members for sharing this important facet of their lives. We look forward to enjoying our treats at sundown with you!